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825 F4K3 80085 (2016-05-15)

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0:00:00JCD: “Take your Soma, take your pills, be happy.” (1:53:58)
0:00:35ACC in New York City, buying fake handbags on Canal Street
0:03:19Cat Buckley & William Leavey wedding, Leavey side left-leaning and anti-Trump; JCD on Farrakhan’s Obama prediction; catering by Abigail Kirsch, TtK’s outfit from Rent the Runway, three women wearing gold Badgley Mischka dress; “tying the knot” origin; Uncle Don on Vincent Brooks’ armistice vs peace agreement
0:15:42Christopher Buckley acknowledges internet prediction, “please clap”, maid of honor Kick Kennedy; menu run-down; Spot the Spook: ACC’s new handler
0:31:05“Leftist” Bernie Sanders; former Trump butler calls for “Kenyan fraud” Obama hanging; ACC’s cousin outraged by daughter comment; Anthony Weiner documentary; Democrat convention in Berlin, Trump win “would be the worst thing in the world”, celebrities moving to Canada; London’s new Muslim mayor: “Western liberal values are compatible with mainstream Muslims”, threats from Muslim Islamic extremists over same-sex marriage
0:49:29Caitlyn Jenner’s lack of voice transition, producer on fat migration post-liposuction, “Kardashian cabal” scheme; Morgan Stanley guy at wedding reacts to “no transcripts” theory; “big gay” behind bathroom controversies, “dear colleague” letter from DoJ & DoE not a Presidential directive, Title 9 compliance, undefined “on the basis of sex”, Josh Earnest: just put up curtains, ACC: “this is a reason to move to Canada”, JCD on women using men’s rooms; Pelosi: “protecting their rights to participate as they identify”, self-labeling (ACCPPotD)
1:11:49Producer Segment
1:21:16ACC’s cousin Mary Gregg a regular listener, “you are going to have a good time tomorrow”
1:22:09J’Johnson vows to cut down on long TSA security lines, luggage “glitch” in Phoenix, airlines threatening to jettison TSA, Newark security lines; JCD: deliberate slowdown in wake of “Red Team” 95% failure humiliation; TSA administrator Peter Neffenger asked about 70+ employees on TIDE Terrorism Identities Datamart Environment
1:39:24Calls for cancellation or postponement of Olympics over zika
1:41:25Bay Area hidden FBI microphones, “if you’re going to conduct criminal activity, do it in the privacy of your own home”; Jeremy Scahill’s The Assassination Complex, “baseball cards”
1:50:21Eurovision Song Contest, Brexit: the Movie, “exciting big change” in Eurovision voting
1:59:44CBS on Trump posing as John Miller in “mysterious audio tapes”, “it’s fake Donald Trump again”; Clooney: “there’s not going to be a President Donald Trump” to applause from press, “we’re not going to be scared of Muslims or immigrants or women”, “harbinger” meme (CotD)
2:12:57Oldest person in the world dies at 116, “said she did eat bacon every day”
2:13:38$2M payment from Clinton Foundation to Energy Pioneer Solutions shareholder Julie Tauber McMahon “who visits the Clinton household every so often when Mrs. Clinton isn’t there”; Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Hillary “isn’t even a target” of investigation, “I’ve repeatedly been told that”, “74 straight months of job growth” lie; Katrina Pierson on Trump Muslim ban “suggestion”; Trump calls out Stephanopoulos as Clinton insider, ACC: “where’s Vlad?”
2:25:37Donation Segment: JCD’s Redd Foxx project with producer Jeff Yerkey
2:33:15Newsweek on teens’ most admired people 2016 vs 1966, Taylor Swift “noodling” revisited
2:35:38Lagarde’s Brexit alarmism, Cameron’s £4999 price tag, Boris Johnson compares EU & Hitler
2:39:28Former 9/11 commissioner John Lehman on lower-level Saudi connections
2:42:27Feedback from brain professor & wife; “cyberheist” on Asian banks blamed on North Korea