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821 Manterruptors (2016-05-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “You wanna go for a ride in the flivver?” (2:11:03)
0:00:34ACC still “on the poop deck of S.S. Plop”, T-Mobile bandwidth woes; TtK’s family gathering trial by fire; Lex’s Iranian wife on un-scarved women in Tehran, billion-dollar trade in pistachios, JCD on pistachio toxicity; Taxi Eric on massive Dutch public works projects; Dutch anticipating terror attacks; canal boat tour, Amsterdam Teslas and free charging stations; TtK introduced to the Amsterdam paparazzi
0:22:31ACC heading to Paris amid preparations for “epic catastrophic 100-year flood”; Brussels handing out iodine pills to all its citizens, “Currydine”; Ukraine association agreement referendum marginalized; late-nite bánh mì; Italy pressured to close southern refugees route; JCD on using Chinese “ghost cities”, “they can walk”
0:33:23Marco Rubio: health officials “freaked out about the zika thing”, “very deadly disease that we’re still learning about”, impacts “small population of people, a very significant population of people”; Scott Pelley: “hard to imagine why there is a delay” from Congress
0:45:54Another MSF hospital bombing, MSF CIA connections, vaccine lobbying and pneumonia vaccine price protest; no criminal charges in “mistakes and miscommunications” airstrike killing 42, “211 rounds”, 30 minutes vs 90, “no strike list” sticky note, no spotter on ground
1:04:20Producer Segment: how to frame No Agenda art; San Antonio “nerd club”
1:26:05Obama at White House Correspondents Dinner: C.P.T. “stands for jokes that white people should not make”; Hillary’s “woman’s card, Michelle Goldberg on ”submerged gender anxieties of men losing their primacy in kind of the American system“, ”ur-misogynist“; ten types of misogynist, ”manterruptors“, ”brogressives“
1:37:14YouTube millennial: swastika as example of cultural appropriation, “Katie Perry in general”, JCD: “that bitch”, melting pot vs “blending of cultures like a salad”; Portland Community College professor explains white privilege for Whiteness History Month, “white fragility”, JCD: “no white guy wants to date you, I can tell you right now”
1:54:20Eleven-year-old kid shoots burglar in Alabama, “he started crying like a little baby” (CotD)
1:56:14Sally Kohn: Trump supporters “only voting for him because he’s a white guy”; Hillary e-mail server set up by Justin Cooper of Teneo Holdings, Jane Sanders repeated use of “we” on FBI investigation
2:01:44Hunger strikes in San Fransisco over police killings; protesters at San Francisco Trump event
2:05:55High school math scores down; Kimmel man on the street: name Avengers and US presidents
2:08:00Trump protester to MSNBC: “we’re not gonna let him in”, WTF moment when told he’s in
2:11:12Donation Segment
2:34:32Kirby on “boots on the ground” violating Syria’s sovereignty: “we have had this discussion so many times, Said!”; Roger Wicker asks Ash Carter about US vs Russian presence in Syria, Carter: AUMF “would signify to the troops that the country’s behind them”, “the legal basis for what we’re doing exists in both domestic law and international law”, repeated “not a lawyer”, “we’re not trying to destabilize a stable situation” like Russians in Ukraine
2:48:08Elizabeth Warren before empty Senate on $10tn in federally-insured derivatives held by three banks, subprime mortgages “giant bombs that blew up parts of the economy”
2:51:47Clip Blitz: Reagan family outraged by Reagan movie; arrests in San Bernardino Farook brother’s bogus marriage scheme; federal charges for Jet Blue pilot “driving drunk”, “hey tower, Jet Blue 586, did we check in, I can’t remember”; Obama mic drop fail