Call Clooney!

820 Pre-Spousal (2016-04-28)

Show 820 album art
0:00:00ACC: “There will be no boots on the ground!” (1:55:42)
0:00:33Technical problems from the S.S. Plop named after Kabouter Plop; King’s Night festivities, in-window blinds, drunk guy peeing on boat, crappy flea market toys and services
0:08:16De Volkskrant on Trump isolationism; “put America first” foreign policy speech
0:11:38Spot the Spook checklist checklist: Wellesley High School, Luxembourg study abroad, multilingual, CIA pro-Hillary, Nicholas Burns on lack of “balance and restraint”, list of presidents omitting Nixon, Nixon vs CIA, Putin “invaded another country and took over its territory”
0:24:42OECD’s Angel Gurría on €2800 “Brexit tax”; Deutsche Welle on Trump’s “no more interventionism”; small audience; Trump on Kasich’s revolting eating habits, ACC “Tiny Turner” dinner story, JCD story about Chinese students: “the food was flying every which way”
0:39:18ACC torturing TtK with bizarre Dutch foodstuffs: poffertjes, bitterbollen, raw herring with onions, JCD on Danish matjes herring, correct eating technique
0:43:02Nomiki Konst on Correct the Record’s $1M for social media propaganda “trying to shame Bernie Sanders supporters into supporting Hillary Clinton”, “techno-experts” for end of show, Bernie playing into Republican hands meme, on “baseless” attacks on Hillary; Trudeau and Hillary 50% female cabinet limit, Rachel Maddow “this is outside of our format” for question on family detention, “raids and roundups”, “comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship”, ACC: “it’s already there”
0:53:53Optician producer on Hillary’s normal lenses; Bill Clinton: “first they say she faked and now they say she’s auditioning for a part on The Walking Dead”, “as far as I can tell she’s in better shape than I am”, JCD: “he needs a drool cup”, “terrible concussion that required six months of very serious work to get over”; Debka secret Iran plane crash skull fracture theory
1:04:46Producer Segment: JCD on earning a living getting rear-ended
1:13:41Producer notes on refugees in France, crybullies at Yale
1:18:53The Guardian’s Mona Chalabi: grammar snobs “more likely to be older, wealthier, whiter, or just plain academic”; ACC changed Dutch “Madonna” pronunciation; Huffington Post cultural appropriation video, JCD on Phil Spector’s “steal from the best”, “blackface is never OK”, JCD recommends Shuffle Off, “appropriation occurs when a privileged culture borrows from a marginalized one”, JCD: “who needs cornrows?”, tribal tattoos, “appropriation cuisine”
1:44:17Steven Crowder to protesters at University of Massachusetts event: “how can I be a professional victim today”, “I’m not you gender studies professor who has to cater to your trigger warning, microagression, safe space bullshit”; JCD on standard heckler lines
1:48:02Abdeslam’s lawyer: “intelligence of an empty ashtray”, police escorting daughters to school
1:50:48US to buy 35 tons of Iranian heavy water; QVC “happy dance, happy dance” iso
1:53:28“No boots on the ground” medley, 250 more troops to Syria, Matt Lee astounded by Kirby’s “there was never this no boots on the ground”, to “Natasha Hotski” Chichakyan: “that’s actually an intelligent question”, JCD on arrogant Navy officers, Kirby gives official definition
2:07:36Donation Segment: “pre-spousal”; Prince death trio; Kelly Ripa: “Live is a priority”
2:26:00ACC potentially costly bandwidth; JCD’s Verizon MiFi
2:27:43British travel advisory in wake of “anti-LGBT” legislation; German airline strike; Austrian asylum clampdown, Brenner Pass; Greece to refugees on Macedonian border: go to processing centers, “the flyers make great paper planes”
2:35:25Thom Hartmann: “wanna stop suicide? abandon conservative governments” (CotD)