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819 Non-binary Person (2016-04-24)

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0:00:00JCD: “You’re gonna be on the bottom of the list!” (0:52:21)
0:00:35Producer suggests that Hillary’s coughing issues may be a sign of multiple sclerosis
0:03:21Prince retrospective: everyone inviting ACC for interview, including woman who hung up at mention of Michael Jackson murder, “podcaster reflects on Prince”, now everyone’s best friend
0:07:35Van Jones: Hillary “probably the best prepared person to be commander in chief, maybe in the history of the country”
0:08:35TtK on ACC’s Prince story: “don’t tell me Patricia had sex with him”; ACC story: party in Minneapolis shooting Sam Goody ad, “too tall and too white”; master tape treasure trove at Dan Hartman’s house; “Osama bin Laden gettin’ ready to bomb” in Utrecht 1998
0:20:15Accidental prescription opiate overdose most likely; Aretha Franklin blames zika
0:25:57Insulting zika and anti-Semitic “nasty-grams”; zika carrier mosquitoes in Texas & Florida
0:36:21Bill O’Reilly anti-marijuana rant: “pot acceptance sends a signal”; Levittown New York
0:39:31Robert De Niro drops Vaxxed documentary from Tribeca lineup, ACC: “Bob: … no hot tubs”; Obamacare architect Dr. Zeke Emanuel: United Healthcare “not a big player” in exchanges
0:49:48Nigel Farage: Obama opposing Brexit and promoting TTIP so “the big American corporates can buy out chunks of our public services including the National Health Service”, Obama threatens no free trade deal, “back of the queue”; Winston Churchill bust move, Cameron’s “Barack” mispronunciation, Obama: “I love Winston Churchill — love the guy”, “special” relationship; Obama takes credit for EU; George Osborne: Brexit would make UK “permanently poorer … to the tune of £4300 per household”, JCD: “bullshit!
1:09:01Obama asked about civil rights by “non-binary person”, under bathroom bills “people are being forced, obviously, to produce birth certificates”; TTIP protests in Germany
1:21:06Producer Segment
1:27:44ESPN fires Curt Schilling for tweeting support for North Carolina bathroom law, Trump: “there have been very few complaints the way it is”, Cruz: “have we gone stark raving nuts?”; Gay USA’s Andy Humm on Cruz position on “personal sexual gratification”: “his college roommate said, well that’s a change of position for him”; ACC on fireworks and sex toy stores by highways; unedited Trump on bathroom law
1:40:08Trump: amend Republican platform for rape and incest abortion
1:43:25Tech News: FCC set-top box proposal all about viewership numbers and Google ad injection; $1M+ for Farook iPhone hack, Comey says it was “worth it”; clever Microsoft Office 360 five-account subscription; JCD Windows 10 mouse pointer size adjustments, “oh, there’s colors!”
1:57:51Donation Segment
2:07:34Troubled SecureWorks IPO, IBM buying its own stock to boost earnings
2:11:03Kerry at Paris Accord signing with granddaughter; solar-powered aircraft doing 35 mph over Pacific, “climate change is a fantastic opportunity for new solutions”; The Guardian predicts Silicon Valley flooding; Washington state carbon tax bill, “revenue neutral” lie; Alec Baldwin at Earth Day protest: “I believe that climate change denial is a form of mental illness” (CotD)
2:24:04Jackson to be moved to back of $20 bill, Tubman’s $20 pension; The View on Trump’s $2 bill comment: “two dollar ho”, “it’s not in rotation”, “phony as a two-dollar bill”
2:32:47David Cameron on Europe’s “robust approach to Russian aggression”; McCain “do you agree” questions for Gen. Scaparrotti; Farage on TTIP; JCD recommends Pimp by Iceberg Slim
2:42:17Dutch journalist arrested in Turkey; US suicide rates up dramatically, no mention of SSRIs