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818 Document 17 (2016-04-21)

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0:00:00ACC: “Tinfoil hat! Conspiracy theory! Truther!!” (1:00:39)
0:00:34Ambergris found in UK, New Zealand marketplace
0:01:35Sanders clobbered by Hillary in New York, sketchy Diebold machines, vote stealing in postwar South, Afghan ink-dipped finger; Democracy Now on voting irregularities; Tom Ridge on RNC rules: “this is the way the game has been played for a long, long time”; Mimi to run for county commissioner; CNN exit poll: “concerned” or “scared” if Trump nominated; CNN: Trump to use teleprompter, “you can’t celebrity demagogue your way through a policy speech”
0:18:51Peter King: “I’ll take cyanide” if Cruz is nominated; Sanders spokeshole Nomiki Konst: Hillary for America & DNC share lawyers; another Hillary coughing fit, “potholes and traffic jams”
0:27:14Female NPR swooning for Justin Trudeau “explaining” quantum computing; Canadian vs US dollar; Dan Quayle the goofball chosen for looks; JCD anti-suffrage
0:34:31Harriet Tubman chosen for $20 bill; Jack Lew on Hamilton; Red Book: Tubman Visa card
0:42:06United Health Group to pull out of Obamacare, gross profit $53bn
0:47:52Producer Segment: Prince dead at 57
0:54:59Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act and 28 pages; Obama snubbed in Saudi Arabia, former fire chief on suing Saudi Arabia for “transparency”, mainly Democrats behind bill, bin Laden family flown out on 9/11; $2bn settlement against Iran for Beirut bombing; lawsuits a replacement for war; Saudi mega-mosques in Balkans
1:07:27Kerry: we’ve sent Iran $3bn; declassified “mini 28 pages” Document 17, pilot’s license for al-Qaeda flight trainee from Saudi embassy; Josh Earnest on danger of lawsuits from abroad, “it’s unwise”, Resolution 1373, JCD repatriation of treasuries theory; JCD story: female US citizens lined up at embassy trying to escape Saudi husbands; MSM ignoring 28 pages, Saudi Arabia now “world’s third largest defense and security spender”, arms deals with Russia
1:26:19Kirby to Chichakyan on Saudi 9/11 involvement: “the public record is all there for you to see”, debate on 28 pages “a fool’s errand”; Deutche Welle predicts permanent shift in relationship
1:33:41Bushmaster lawsuit for “unethical, oppressive, and immoral marketing tactics”, Call of Duty players and civilians “not fit to be operating these military-style rifles”, “militaristic marketing” (CotD); new Veep season & lobbyists, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ riches
1:38:12Culinary preparations for Xi Jinping visit; ACC and TtK trying
1:46:26Donation Segment: $80.08 “boobs” trigger warning
1:55:13Dr. Fauci’s zika prevention advice for women; Florida to use genetically modified “self-limiting” mosquitoes, spraying by Oxitec/Intrexon funded by Gates Foundation, “chemtrails!”
2:02:39German talk show host Jan Böhmermann’s in unpopular legal jeopardy for calling Erdoğan a “goat fucker”; poems vs cartoons; Turkish minister: where’s our €3bn check?
2:09:41Juncker: EU army needed to “convey a clear message to Russia” about defending values
2:11:15EU accuses Google of rigging mobile app market with Android; broken Google shopping links, Crackpot Labs: Google DNS hoses Twitter URL shortener; JCD on telegraph sabotage
2:17:14“Vagrants” rounded up for 1988 Seoul Olympics, sent off to be raped, tortured, and killed
2:22:09Volkswagen 500k vehicle buyback; Mitsubishi admits data falsification; Gina McCarthy at Sustainable Prosperity Conference on sustaining momentum; Bill Nye’s climate wager with Joe Bestardi, “so come on, champ, show us how tough you are” (CotD)
2:33:17In-Q-Tel investment in Skincentral Sciences blemish remover and DNA collector
2:41:34ABC Rogue One native ad (aborted); 2k tanks sitting idle in California desert