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817 Sellout Politics (2016-04-17)

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0:00:00ACC: “I’m just going to leave this here.” (1:56:26)
0:00:32Hot and muggy in Austin, ACC’s eyes acting up due to mold
0:02:11Democrat debate: “schools decimated” in Gaza, Hillary takes credit for peace, Morsi attended USC; Hillary: no questions about abortion; Sanders’ Vatican visit, goofy “this is important!”, CBS slips in Pope’s old “building walls” comment; Juan Gonzalez on Hillary campaign distortions; Bernie: “enormous amount of money” for displaced energy workers, “this is what you do do”; calls out racist term “super predator”, “broken criminal justice system”
0:25:53Nixon’s misuse of war on drugs; Robert Scheer & Torie Osborn bicker about Clinton “sellout politics”; EMILY’s List CEO on “corporate Democratic whores”, “so shocking to hear”; ABC’s flattering Hillary photo, Bernie not so much; Hillary “called out” banks, Bernie releases 2015 2014 tax returns, ACC nonexistent transcripts theory: “straight-out bribes”; Bill summarizes Bernie’s position: “just shoot every third person on Wall Street”; Pelosi on Obama “metrics”
0:46:53Cruz bombs at Republican dinner; Carson on RNC rules: “during the Jim Crow era, those were the rules too”; David Brooks on “amoral bankruptcy laws”, CBS “Republican party is not scheming against Donald Trump” opening, Major Garrett vs Trump; Ross Perot nostalgia
1:04:10No charges for Cory Lewandowsky: “reasonable hypothesis of innocence”
1:06:46Producer Segment
1:19:14Josh Earnest on zika bill: “two months late and $1.9bn short”; ebola fund transfer to zika fund, $1.9bn in unpaid pledges to ebola fund, NGO recipients, JCD: “this is like the the Haiti thing with Bush and Clinton”, $631M for DoD, ACC: “this is laundering money!”
1:36:16Presidential podcast on FCC cable TV reform and standardization, JCD: “somebody at Comcast or Warner didn’t cough up some money”, ACC: “the President is actually lying”, FCC’s Downloadable Security Technology Advisory Committee DRM API, HTML5 DRM
1:43:29Earnest downplays Russian jets buzzing destroyer, 1972 Incidents at Sea Agreement
1:48:02JCD on cognitive dissonance and journalism school “one positive, one negative, one neutral” rule, self-contradictory speed limit report, 33k deaths over 20 years vs “the fatality rates have dropped dramatically”, unaddressed discrepancy
1:56:51CDC on zika vs reproductive rights, “epidemic”, Planned Parenthood; ACC on danger to LGBBTQQIAAP community from PrEP pre-exposure prophylaxis, CDC on syphilis rates
2:00:49Bill Nye seems all-in on jailing climate deniers; JCD Barbara Boxer story, Boxer to priest: “I don’t appreciate getting lectured by a philosopher about science”
2:12:12Donation Segment
2:23:16ACC’s new foot-activated cough/sniff switch; Amazon’s idiotic recommendation e-mails
2:30:31Bob Graham spills the beans on the 9/11 Commission report 28 pages, “non-senior Saudi officials”, Obama administration obfuscation “inexplicable”; White House lobbying against declassification bill, Saudi Arabia threatens treasuries sale
2:37:17DHS “human capital officer”: “flexible” hiring for dudes named Ben; CBS on phone hacking, “ace hackers” skit, JCD: “you want a fat guy?”; AT&T gigabyte fiber ad-injection scheme
2:44:49Sandy Hook Bushmaster lawsuit to proceed; Hillary: indemnification unprecedented
2:46:36David Cameron YouTube pre-roll anti-Brexit message, EU “reform”
2:50:19Clip Blitz: assault with frozen turkey; UN: Faulklands belong to Argentina; UC Davis spent $175k burying pepper spray incident; school “how privileged are you” questionnaire; protests in Egypt over island handoff; missed flights due to TSA; Afghan harvest fighting season