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816 Dehydrated in China (2016-04-14)

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0:00:00JCD: “They have plenty of stuff — they stole it from us.” (1:05:01)
0:00:34Former New York banker while fetching coffee & pumpkin loaf
0:02:06Panama papers and US vs European “banking war”, 2008 HSBC data leak, Mossack Fonseca used, whistleblower Hervé Falciani: Snowden in Geneva; Lagarde proposes global tax; Russian cellist Sergei Roldugin: “musical instruments are expensive”
0:13:19Democracy Now’s horrible audio on the road
0:15:31Bank of America: “Europe looks frightening”; Nick Ferrari on “bilious intent”, Dennis Skinner “a man more left than an Albanian keep left sign”, “Dodgy Dave”; response to Dutch referendum to be announced after Brexit vote; anti-Brexit pamphlet, bookmaker: Brexit odds low; Farage celebrates Dutch referendum, “big battalions of vested self-interest” Voltaire reference, asked about “celebrating a referendum which the only winner is Mr. Putin”
0:37:53Dutch newspaper NRC predicts revolution in May; Lagarde proposes “one-time” 10% tax, Dutch “Kok Quarter” gas tax, Golden Gate Bridge tolls, JCD: “Fifi’s not an independent loudmouth”; Mark Toner dodges question on Yatsenyuk’s resignation and US loan guarantee; close calls with Russians, ABC News shows jet “hovering” over ship
0:50:40Obama to Fox News: “I would say this: there isn’t a president who’s taken more terrorists off the field than me”, JCD: “did he say he’s comforting imams?”, “diffident”; Pentagon spokeshole Steve Warren: degrade & destroy dismantle “phase one … is complete”; Bono to Congressional hearing on violent extremism: “I’m suggesting that the Senate send in Amy Schumer and Chris Rock and Sacha Baron Cohen” (CotD)
1:07:42Producer Segment: kale kidney stones, “dehydrated in China” JCD story
1:26:51CNN Republican family sit-down events, creepy identically-dressed Cruz girls, “Von Trump family singers”, “they don’t like it when I put up my own money”, on Bernie: “he wins, he wins, he wins, he wins!”; Ivanka vs Melania and language barrier, Ivanka the chatterbox, Melania on “nice language”, “he will attack back”; CNN breaking news: Trump tweet; Trump on avoiding alcohol and drugs, ACC: “I know why he doesn’t drink … he’s a Muslim”, “I mave other problems, and we won’t talk about them” dropped by Pooper, London dominatrix scandal; Trump “bubble” meme
1:54:54ABC Trump hit piece: two children not registered for primary, death threats for Indiana and Colorado delegates, Roger Stone: “we urge you to visit their hotel, and find them”, “as the Trump tirade continues”, Tom Llamas: “we don’t if the Trump campaign condones this, we don’t know if the Trump campaign condemns this”; Charlie Rose to Kasich: “why are so many Republican voters voting for them, walking the path of darkness?”; Joel Benenson on Hillary advising Obama on “decisions about whether or not to go after Barack Obama”
2:08:54“Goodnight and goodbye” from Al Jazeera America
2:09:58Hillary: Vermont has highest “per capita” number of guns used in New York crime, 55 of 4600
2:13:32Katrina Pierson to Brolf on Cruz “Gestapo tactics”: “where was all this hostility and concern when Mr. Trump was being called Hitler?”
2:18:34Thirteenth Amendment and lawyers in public office
2:20:12Syracuse University debate rescheduled, NPR’s podcast woes and slow-motion crash, Earwolf
2:31:23Donation Segment
2:42:33Dennis Skinner kicked out of Parliament for “Dodgy Dave”, ACC: “those guys have too much fun!”; ACC’s Amazon Echo hack not to be disclosed