Call Clooney!

814 Produce & Pipelines (2016-04-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “What?? We were doing it for you, Obama!” (2:42:18)
0:00:38JCD back from New York, new windbreaker with New York grime; ACC’s 35 tins of Sucrets
0:03:53Dutch referendum: thumbs down on Ukraine deal, “embarrassment for the Netherlands”, JCD: “now it’s like a printing press”; “produce & pipelines”, Chevron deal; Ukrainian “champagne” and “feta” exempted, JCD recommends Bulgarian feta, French winemakers dumping tankers full of cheap Spanish wine; “vote yes” radio spots
0:22:26Panama papers and referendum timing; BBC: “you can use those complicated … structures to hhhide and disguise your ownership and control of assets”, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, 11M documents; Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson’s wife’s bank investments, compensation for UK & the Netherlands; Russian cellist Sergei Roldugin’s laundering operation
0:31:20Producer Segment: Scott McKenzie’s new book
0:44:30Well-named Panama papers, JCD: “orchestrated by a major, major intelligence agency”, ICIJ funded by Soros, Rothschilds, USAID, Omedyar; Obama: “a lot of this stuff is legal”; uses for shell corporations from legit to not so much; JCD: Bernie Madoff money, legal “dry testing” to gauge product interest; FIFA busted; Mossack Fonseca CEO outraged; imprisonable offense in Germany to insult head of state; NewsHour on Poroshenko’s “blind trust”, ACC: “this is foreign policy by blackmail”, “offshore investment”, “so-called Panama papers”
1:10:58Democracy Now: Iceland’s Prime Minister “first major casualty”, Pfizer-Allergan inversion abandoned; British Virgin Islands and Seychelles
1:27:23Matt Lee accepts ACC’s drinks invitation; Lee flusters State Department spokeshole with question on Iranian money-shuffling “coaching”, “loopholes”
1:34:06Mississippi “religious freedom” bill signed into law, Lance Bass “please turn your clocks back 200 yrs” sign tweet, ACC: “hello Sharia law!”; odd premarital sex provision; Roger Severino to Don Lemon: “the word sexual orientation appears nowhere in this bill”
1:50:00JCD’s New York City meetup rundown, note and Champagne from the Duke and Duchess of Japan, “we pretty much had one waiter dedicated to our table”; forty attendees at the bar; ACC renames Alexa to “Book of Knowledge”
2:06:24Donation Segment: JMD’s new nickname “the princess”
2:18:06White House edit of Hollande’s “Islamist terrorism” a “technical issue with the audio”, ACC: “cheap, cheap, low-ass excuse”
2:19:36Trump predicts massive recession, adult coloring books as depression indicator, JCD: Mimi & The Princess working on them on flight, needlepoint & samplers
2:24:52Obama at nuclear summit: drone strikes kill civilians, JCD: “I got it — he just found out”
2:26:10Huma Abedin to Call Your Girlfriend podcast on “fangirl moment” the first time she met Hillary: “I remember thinking, oh my God she’s so beautiful and she’s so little!
2:30:25John Podesta predicts uptick in “heat-related deaths”; Bill Nye: climate deniers are all geezers, Republicans need millennials
2:34:58“Be aware of your surrounding at all times” iso; Hillary Bernie meme-fest for AFL-CIO
2:36:51ABC News back-to-back anti-air travel stories, Hawaii “overburn” turnaround, arrested American Airlines pilot footage
2:40:58Obama to millennials: college students shouldn’t be coddled, dead silence