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813 Clinton Condign (2016-04-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “Here’s how I’d like to punish women: first I’d like to punch ‘em in the gut!” (1:23:58)
0:00:38JCD in New York City, “rush ticket” and waiting strategies for Broadway musicals
0:08:48Frans Timmermans: “diversity is humanity’s destiny”, “not giving up our values to refuse diversity”; Soros funding for Dutch Ukraine-EU referendum campaign with Till Eulenspiegel
0:23:46More Hillary voice masculinization by JCD; dilated pupils in interview with Rachel Maddow, dilation in proximity to someone trusted or attractive, ACC: “there’s a lizard inside!”
0:31:09White House sloppily censors Hollande’s “Islamist terrorism” in Syria & Iraq from official video (CotD); Ash Carter to ROTC serviceman on “mission accomplished” criteria: “we have to protect our own country” from people who have “lost their way”; Robert Gates on Libya: “I don’t want any military plans or options going to the White House that I haven’t seen”
0:43:47JCD April Fools’ joke in Hoax Museum, OpenTable “lickable photos”; Musk a Jobs wannabe with Tesla S3X; Austin Chronicle Obama moving to Austin story
0:49:01Debunking Anand Giridharadas’ claim that “the people who die in those coffins … have a racial make-up that is much browner and blacker than the rest of the country”, Sharpton: “there’s no doubt about it”; accidents first among causes of death
1:00:37Producer Segment: JCD Argentine ant incineration technique recap
1:07:25Burma’s unelected leader Aung San Suu Kyi, JCD: “this is the basis of corruption!”
1:09:55Trump the woman-punisher, Cecile Richards ropes in entire GOP, Dawn Laguens: “that’s what their agenda is, day in and day out, they do punish women”; Trump’s comment on Chris Matthew’s hypothetical “what crime is it” question; Rachel Maddow’s smug account of “super intense” Hillary interview, “oh my God, what just happened?!”, “Donald Trump started pontificating on how would like to punish women”, Trump’s Catholic church pushback mostly edited out: “I am talking about your religion”, “I’m not gonna play that game”
1:33:16Maddow: “I’m not in the habit of following people back to their offices after my interview with them is over”, Hillary: “outrageous and dangerous”, invokes Maya Angelou; JCD: “the Republicans are throwing the election”, hand-washing for 2017 collapse; Hillary: “inflammatory, destructive rhetoric … really on the outer edges of what is permitted under our Constitution”
1:47:01Trump on NATO: “we spend a fortune on defending” Japan, Germany, South Korea, “they can’t believe they get away with what they get away with”; Hillary: “some countries … have really stepped up”, avoid defections to Putin, “this all is a very complex set of circumstances that I don’t think he even has studied or cares to understand”; JCD: 662 bases overseas; Milo Yiannopoulos and Trump the father figure
1:58:13Andrew Napolitano: Hillary “at the vortex of a perfect storm of legal misery”, FOIA cases and evidence of conspiracy, “condign punishment”
2:03:47CBS News millennial to “how ya doin’ Facebooks” Bernie on lectern bird: “you basically shut down the internet”, “do you have an animal spirit?”
2:06:42Donation Segment: W1TEE’s new vanity call
2:12:44Odd Antiques Roadshow “that’s terrible” reaction to $200-300k appraisal
2:14:35JCD on Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips as depression food; PodShare and flophouses; ACC on limos and car services vs Über and Lyft, JCD on Lyft’s New York increasing market share
2:24:38Molenbeek riots a perfect cover to sneak away; Turkish evacuations a response to ISIS threat against American and Israeli children; Algerian mafias in Europe
2:28:22Ellen Show’s Jeannie Klisiewicz MKULTRA moment in Detroit school scandal story