Call Clooney!

812 Non-Disabled (2016-03-31)

Show 812 album art
0:00:00JCD: “You need an E ticket for that??” (0:20:07)
0:00:32JCD “I am the happiest principal on earth”, “unpronounceable Italian names” isos
0:02:44Misogynistic and racist Elvis film Blue Hawaii
0:06:27UNH “bias-free language guide”, Melissa Harris-Perry quote at beginning of document, “when we do not affirm another person’s identity … this makes them invisible, and for some it seems like a form of violence”, “going Dutch”, micro-aggression taxonomy, micro-affirmations; “people experiencing poverty”, JCD: “as though it’s a ride at Disney World”; JCD: “the guy has a little pooch named Diabetes”, “non-disabled”, American, homosexual vs SGL, “gender reaffirming surgery”; JCD: “oh, look there’s a five-year-old woman”, JCD story on “representative” vs “spokesperson” at PC World
0:40:20JCD on Georgia religious liberty bill’s possible Muslim connection; Atlanta’s gay population
0:47:06AP native ad for TSA Pre✓, firings based on projected enrollment
0:50:56Timing of iOS 9.3.1 update with iCloud login and FBI’s court order withdrawal
0:56:03Producer Segment: New York meetup with JCD; tip: don’t mention ISIS in note
1:12:43JCD tip on spotting show-runner from list of executive producers
1:15:05MSM “carpet bombing” Trump over punishing women for having abortions; female conservative journalists on Michelle Fields “assault” by Corey Lewandowski: “there’s no stopping him”, “domestic abuser” meme; A.J. Delgado: “if anything, she committed battery on Donald Trump”; Breitbart investor Robert Mercer all-in on Cruz; “ashamed” triggers female journalist on Pooper, chaos ensues, ACC: “he’s thinking to himself, that’s why I’m gay”; Josh Earnest: Trump “blaming the victim”; Ben Shapiro on simple battery charge, “they’re both thugs”
1:33:32Hillary still hacking and coughing, Chuck Schumer’s “Hill-a-ree” chant and scream; Arizona town hall on Bernie voter suppression; legal justifications for battery; Bernie blackout due to his campaign finance position; Occupy founder Micah White on origin of movement, “the people in power don’t have to listent to protests”, “prefigurative anarchism”, Serpico’s lament on people wanting to be led
1:57:56Trump “turn off the lights” chant; Trump plant: terminally ill former Miss Wisconsin with Mexican-American son, Trump: “we can’t top that”
2:05:41Adam Carolla to do a twice-weekly clean “brand safe” podcast; JCD PC World helium joke
2:12:47Donation Segment
2:23:04JCD’s “the problem with news”: man-on-the-street interview on California’s snow pack
2:25:51Mark Hall’s Killing Ed being banned in Texas; State Department and Pentagon pulling staff out of Turkey, “abundance of caution”; Ash Carter on Expeditionary Targeting Force ETF in Northern Iraq, “overload their networks”; Trump on NATO countries getting “free ride”
2:38:43Major Paris attack thwarted with discovery of “arsenal of explosives … unprecedented in scale”: “five AK-47 rifles, seven handguns, TATP … detonators, acid, and ball bearings”
2:41:02Clip Blitz: NBC over $1bn in ad sales for Rio Summer Olympics; 7M people in US in danger of manmade earthquakes; Foxconn $3.5bn Sharp acquisition; Justice Department’s discontinued 400% over-budget aircraft for Afghanistan; police called to rescue postal workers from wild turkeys; Sanders “Enough is enough!