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811 Dead Men Can’t Sue (2016-03-27)

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0:00:00JCD: “These guys are in a bubble.”
0:00:33ACC’s “digital skywriting”, JCD: “do it again in script”, APRS, unimpressed Reddit user
0:04:52JCD Mike Morell “right?”-fest (CotD); MSM ignoring Bernie crowds because of his “comprehensive campaign reform” support; Vox Media piece on millennials moving to Canada to escape Trump; Olbermann on ISIS vs Trump getting nukes
0:17:49Brussels “March against Fear” cancelled because of fear, “far right wing football hooligans” at protest, on est chez nous a “sort of racist chant”; eleven FBI agents in Brussels; gay Salah Abdeslam and atonement; film shoot in Brussels; Verviers raid and “low level” instigators, ACC: “it could just as easily be us!”, JCD on “GaySIS” and Alexander the Great’s army
0:35:30G├╝lenist journalists’ espionage trial over trucks full of aid supplies munitions
0:40:41Marissa Mayer “we need all hands on deck”; Erik Prince under investigation for money laundering; “stemming the flow of refugees to Europe” in Libya, battling Islamic militants, opposing Nigerian oil theft; Prince trying to work with with CIA insider Gen. Haftar; potential EU border solution, “the ability to be a banker”
1:00:27Producer Segment
1:09:25“Hat guy” Faisal Cheffou freelance journalist and activist, ACC: “the big mistake is he doesn’t have a mike flag”; 26 killed in suicide bombing in Iraq at soccer game, JCD: “what if this is a test?”; Brolf “what are you bracing for” to Mike McCaul, “dark space and encrypted space”, “homeland” & “soft target” memes, VIPR teams; Democracy Now “spot the spook” skit
1:27:49Derek Harvey to NewsHour: “this was not a lashing out”; Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison to Chris Hayes: “we’ve got to make sure that we’re monitoring people who actually are showing signs of radicalization”, “the greater majority of domestic terrorist attacks are not by Muslims at all, they’re by people like Timothy McVeigh”, JCD on pipe bombs; David Brooks: Cruz “just wants to sound like Donald Trump”, Mark Shields invokes Manzanar; nine arrests in Belgium, Schaerbeek tram stop arrest with screaming girl
1:46:18Cruz affair story timeline; Stephen Miller blows up on CNN: “half a million US girls in this country are at risk of female genital mutilation”, insults women “every day” meme; David Brooks on loveless Trump, “authoritarian personality”; Brooks on Heidi Cruz tweet: “consistent attitude toward women which is the stuff of a diseased adolescent”
2:00:20Google helps Hillary e-mail reveals help from Google in tracking Syrian defections
2:04:16The “mealy mouth” tweet guy released; Belgian nuclear plants at risk of cyber attack
2:06:35Emory University pro-Trump chalk “markings”; Connecticut to tax Yale’s $26bn endowment
2:09:09$353k Clinton-Clooney dinner; “8 Things You Need to Know about Ted Cruz’s Sex Scandal”
2:13:15Putin to Kerry about carrying own luggage: “probably you brought some money with you, to haggle”, JCD on Private Eye editor with suitcase full of dildos
2:17:47National Union of Students’ LGBT+ Campaign: white gays not oppressed enough
2:19:34Donation Segment
2:29:47Apple’s serious iOS 9.3 WebKit issue; external dependency crisis over JavaScript ragequit, JCD: “it’s a copy-paste world”; Indonesian motorcycle taxi price war
2:41:14Korean-American confesses to espionage in North Korea for South Korea and US
2:43:52Tram stop guy Abderamane A. convicted for Ahmad Shah Massoud assassination, shooting fleeing suspects, JCD: “a dead man can’t sue”, David Muir “breaking news”; unexpected Belgian stock market bounceback