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810 Karmonious (2016-03-24)

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0:00:00JCD: (stoner voice) “If I was, man, I’d be a lot different on this show!” (2:47:17)
0:00:33Brussels suicide bombings: MSNBC playing “live” daylight feeds; Erdo─čan revisited: “the bombs we’ve had in Ankara could easily go off in Brussels”, Ibrahim el-Bakraoui deported from Turkey in 2015, reported to Netherlands “on the attacker’s request”, Dutch Moroccan mafia, justice system compromised by Pedobear Joris Demmink; non-radicalized “third man” in Vierviers; 2015 Marie Harf “we’re killing a lot of them” clip, MSNBC “spot the spook” Evan Kohlmann on lack of integration; TSA chief “coincidentally” in Brussels
0:19:31CSI-like instant DNA results; Andrew Napolitano on interrogators revealing details to press; possible nuclear plant insiders; Juncker calls for “unified security”; PBS on Belgium’s undersized police force; teacher forced to delete tweet about celebrating students, Richard Engel on ISIS tweets at “all time low”, “not enough tweets” skit; Kirby: ISIS now “hiring child soldiers”; JCD: why not blow up EU headquarters, EU-Turkey deal and passport printers
0:35:44Kirby: “this isn’t about a religion”, JCD’s pre-9/11 world Muslimification site, Hillary: “I call it radical jihadist terrorism”; Hillary’s dreadful prompter read at Stanford
0:45:17Cruz now “mister anti-Muslim” instead of Trump, Cruz on “political correctness run amok” with New York policies; Hell freezes over on The View: “I thought Donald Trump sounded really reasonable today”; Brian Williams calls reporter “Pulitzer Prize-winning communist”
0:59:56Producer Segment: ACC’s upcoming ADSB “ITM” skywriting flight with Producer Charlie
1:10:20Obama in Cuba at baseball game, ISIS not an “existential threat to us”, “one of my proudest moments as president was watching Boston respond after the Boston Marathon attack”, “a few days later folks were out, shoppin’”; Ash Carter grilled over overdue NDAA plan: “when we pass a law around here, it means something” (CotD); JCD Judy Woodruff clip epic fail
1:25:34“Constitutional lawyah” Obama on separation of powers “across a lot of different institutions”; John Yoo on the rise of the administrative state
1:34:33Rumors of a Ted Cruz affair at the last O-bot dinner, Anonymous promises to reveal “deep and dirty secrets”, “have you heard of the expression candy wrappers”; Cruz steals The American President “way out of your league” line; Trump on Obama “ISIL” usage “to bother people”, on Elizabeth Warren: “you mean the Indian?”; Larry Wilmore panel of black pro-Trump voters
1:46:56Brian Ross on Belgian terror cell, Najim Laachraoui’s DNA and fingerprints at “bomb factory”; 400 Syria-trained in European “radical communities”; Piers Moron: listen to Trump; CVC on being misidentified as a Muslim; cameraman attacked in Swedish no-go zone; arrested in Ireland for “mealy mouthed reply” tweet
1:59:39Feedback from millennials, JCD rebuttal: self-esteem movement; kids unable to read clocks
2:08:25Donation Segment: JCD’s immortal 1993 Lexus SC 400 lightbulbs; donation from TtK
2:20:37Spook John Miller on Wickr app with encrypted “self destructing messages”, JCD: “I smell honeypot”, series A investor Richard A. Clarke
2:26:30Houston cutting glass recycling pickup, JCD on CALPIRG bottle bill, ACC on sand smuggling, Sand Wars documentary, Maldives sinking; standardizing “sell by” food dates to avoid waste
2:37:43JCD tweaks Hillary’s voice to sound like a man, ACC: “my face hurts”
2:38:46Celebrity deaths: Dutch soccer player Johan Cruyff; JCD stories on Intel’s Andrew “Mr. Clean” Grove; Rob Ford, ACC: “hookers and blow is not always a good thing”
2:42:58U.C. Davis anti-marijuana study of New Zealanders
2:47:31Clinton looking worse; National Enquirer on “finger-wagging” Cruz’ five affairs; Easter attack