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80 Al Gore: The Most Dangerous Man Alive!! (2009-03-15)

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0:00:33Nailed the intro; Rahm Emanuel Clinton enemies list James Bond jingle from listener, ACC setting up Auto DJ on stream, ditching GUI for command line, “who needs Word?”, JCD on submitting ASCII text stories and keeping track of word count; Daily Podcast Reviews entry: “if you’re into completely insane ideas about government and politics, this show is for you”
0:12:14British Red Nose Day malaria charity, Africa mosquito net black hole; Hands Across America, USA For Africa rights reversion
0:18:09And Now Back to Real News: Lindsay Lohan arrest warrant, probation for “alleged” incident
0:20:28Nothing more on D.C. CTO raid; Microsoft’s Philip Reitinger to direct DHS National Cybersecurity Center; etapist.exe and Symantec, JCD recommends AVG; New America Media article on White House helicopter scam; drug legalization meme, The View’s Joy Behar interviewing Ron Paul and ironically anti-legalization Steven Baldwin, potential $100bn for economy; “Pakistan store” Afghan guy: Karzai “biggest drug dealer in the world”
0:31:20Madoff story evaporates, International Finance Court in headlines, Madoff convicted by Dennis Chin, Andrew Horowitz bumped from Jon Stewart show grilling Jim Cramer, Robert Gibbs: “I enjoyed it thoroughly”, Cramer scapegoated, JCD theory on Stewart losing shirt to Madoff
0:41:28Madoff “pleaded guilty” vs Gordon Brown joke; no riots yet over $165M in AIG bonuses; “news blog”, California counties trading stimulus fund earmark money
0:46:16JCD’s canary, “if he drops dead, I’m leaving here”; The Guardian on Al Gore’s climate change “political tipping point”, “several trillion dollars worth of subprime carbon assets”, JCD: “the guy’s a lunatic”, Silicon Valley “you don’t get it” and Erhard Seminars; Financial Times on Maersk Tankers CO2 shipping scheme, JCD on dangerous Death Valley CO2-filled depressions, Gore: deal to be brokered at December Copenhagen talks, solution to climate & economic crises: carbon credits, JCD: “Al Gore is one of the most dangerous men in the history of mankind”; Buckingham Palace UK’s least green building
0:55:24And Now Back to Real News: violence and arrests at America’s Next Top Model audition
0:56:48Administration trying to convince China it will get the $2T it borrowed, no mention of eminent domain, JCD California “three-state solution”, collapse of China’s recycling industry, possible gold investment; Chinese vessels tangle with US sub snooper in South China Sea, Obama dispatches destroyers, “high-power water hose”; Dutch terror alert shuts down IKEA
1:07:11And Now Back to Real News, JCD: “England has no beavers?”, beaver reintroduction controversy; Blink 182’s DJ AM avoids death in two separate aviation disasters; Prince Charles: 100 months or less to save world from climate change, JCD on constantly-changing doom & gloom numbers, “increasing social instability and potential conflict”, Sarkozy all-in on NATO, Berlusconi takes credit for Carla Bruni; Jade Goody HPV vaccine meme as predicted, UK “Pap schmear” numbers, FDA approves DNA test; EEG biometrics, JCD: “for pre-crime”; JCD tries out new TSA millimeter wave sensor, bogus “less chance of a patdown” signs, “this guy could lose a little weight”, TSA guy: “total garbage”
1:19:5658 bird flu cases in Egypt; no donation segment due to PayPal paranoia; female farmer listener note on out-of-control costs, JCD’s Wisconsin flex-fuel rental, cheap E85
1:26:21JCD on high-end vs low-end iceberg lettuce, razor and Gallo wine downgrade theory, “manufactured” taste, Disney eggs; formaldehyde and dioxane in infant care products
1:36:47UK ISPs harvesting data for intelligence services, Tim Berners-Lee opposition, ACC’s VPN
1:40:12Obama classifies ACTA; Space Shuttle launch delay & ISS evacuation; MI6 listeners