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809 Velocity of Money (2016-03-20)

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0:00:00ACC: “The report I saw he had no pants on.” (1:25:18)
0:00:31ACC SxSW wrap-up, more indoor venues compared to previous years
0:04:23UN happiness report based entirely on statistics; International Day of Happiness, Ban Ki-moon, “Angry Birds for Happy Planet”, “Honorary Ambassador for Green”, Maya Rudolph: “carry a reusable water bottle, guys”
0:12:04Trump campaign drops You Can’t Always Get What You Want for sports theme; black guy hits protester, Photoshopped lighter by New York Daily News, Trump “Klu Klux Klan”; 1988 Oprah interview on presidential run; “sore loser” laws in 46 states, Republican Rule 40
0:27:15Threatening letter with white powder sent to Eric Trump, Anonymous hack personal information; Lindsey Graham about-face on Cruz, Romney’s aggressive Cruz push; Sam Clovis threatens to leave party, David Brooks: party “trembling at the loss of Sam Clovis”, Brooks “Not Trump Not Ever” op-ed, recommends “fiddling with the rules” by elite; policy advisor Stephen Miller: recent ads “a little sampling … of how we’re going to go after Hillary Clinton”
0:42:35Bill Ayers at Chicago protest, JCD on SDS meeting at California State Hayward; female student flips off camera: “fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me, I’m free within the confines of my own mind”, creepy SJW: “unless you are here to dismantle your privilege please find somewhere else to go”, RCP guy: Trump “organizing a fascist mob”, Emmanuel neuters police
0:57:00Lectern-stealing Jedidiah Brown running for Alderman, “I was not angry, I was passionate”
1:00:51Elizabeth Warren dodges question of Hillary releasing transcripts, to Mika’s disappointment
1:03:21Producer Segment
1:14:43Kerry appears to defy White House in declaring ISIS genocidal, possible links to International Criminal Court and/or Russian pullout; Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam captured alive, theremin-like ambulance siren, ACC “nails it” with slide whistle, Deutche Welle: Molenbeek an anti-police “warren”, Abdeslam openly gay
1:32:15Erdoğan: EU states “dancing in a minefield” with PKK, ACC: “that guy sounds like a dictator”; controversial EU-Turkey deal signed, swapping illegal refugees for Syrians and another €6bn; Nancy Pelosi on Republican SCotUS amicus brief: “will they … suggest a religious test for prospective immigrants?”, Irish who “can’t even go home for a family funeral”, “not here, shall we say, fully documented”; American citizen CVC’s one-year passports
1:47:57Douglas Rushkoff asked incomprehensible questions by millennials: “velocity of money”, “I just wonder where you leave the solution space for the virtuous global opportunities”
1:55:40Donation Segment: 70 the “weird number”
2:04:18John C. “Frank Roosevelt” Dvorak vs the Indian IRS scammer in boiler room, JCD: “I’m surprised that the IRS has such a crappy phone line”, scammer: “this is the auditing commission department so what else can you expect?” (CotD), (813) 614-5693, SSN 646-33-1115
2:19:44Gen. David Goldfein to Senate appropriations committee: “I do not have a level of comfort that we are ready for a significant conflict”, “bench strength”, TtK the “bracket buster”
2:25:49RT on Germany buying nuclear power from France
2:29:442015 California stabbing incident’s Faisal Mohammad self-radicalized
2:31:06Hulk Hogan wins $100M judgment for Gawker sex tape; TMZ’s Levin a high-powered lawyer
2:33:18No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: H1N1 back, “it’s never too late to get a vaccine”
2:34:02Chaffetz to McCarthy on Flint water scandal: “don’t look around like you’re mystified!”, “if you want to do the courageous thing … then you too should resign!”