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808 Happy Countries (2016-03-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “And I gonna, this, prediction for the Red Book, you watch.”
0:00:34JCD at Warriors’ 50th home win, Stephen Curry the speed demon, Hispanic guy yelling “goal!”
0:03:23Executive Order sanctioning North Korea, response from Uncle Don, peace regime proposal
0:09:37Partial Russian withdrawal from Syria, missile defense system to be left in, JCD: quid pro quo with US, ACC on April OPEC-Russia meeting in Doha for oil output freeze
0:19:03Supreme Court candidate Merrick Garland and 1992 “Biden rule”, Oklahoma City and McVeigh
0:22:30Republicans contemplating voting for Hillary over Trump; Curley Haugland: “the media has created a perception that the voters will decide the nomination”, why hold primaries “a very good question”, ACC on Pim Fortuyn parallel, 1984’s Two Minutes Hate; delusional Chicago stage-rusher Thomas Dimassimo; two new anti-Trump ads, Trump National Doral tournament story; Bush 43’s WMD lie nuances; MSNBC outraged at Hillary barking dog video
0:48:24Trump on “professional disruptors”, Bernie double standard, Kennedy the cheerleader; Michelle Fields witness meme, Breitbart resignations, JCD Red Book: they’ll end up with Omidyar’s outfit; “I think you’d have riots” if blocked at convention, Hillary: “people remember mob violence that led to lynching”, CBS interviews children: “are you tired of them being mean to each other” (CotD), “not all Muslims are bad” NLP meme
1:01:57Producer Segment
1:14:03CNN news model’s head explodes over 2008 Hillary campaign as origin of birther movement; Hillary “walks back” lie claim about Nancy Reagan’s AIDS advocacy, JCD on AIDS timeline, “at most seven years” for vaccine; Hillary lies about Sanders’ lack of involvement in 1993 healthcare push; Hillary: “we didn’t lose a single person” in Libya (bombing)
1:27:17Millennials screaming over Bernie’s rail replacing trucks; Cruz: media highlighting Trump so Hillary will win, “two billion dollars in free media” meme, “I kept expecting Jerry Lewis to come out and make an ask for money”; Les Moonves: “we’re anticipating a record-breaking year” with political advertising, media snubbing Bernie because he’s all-in on campaign finance reform; SiriusXM 127 all-in on Hillary, C-SPAN call-ins; Anonymous April 1 Trump DDoS
1:37:39Monica Mehta to Bill Maher on insurance companies exempt from antitrust laws since 1945
1:41:06Kimmel Lie Witness News: L. Ron Hubbard Supreme Court nomination
1:43:17Refugees stuck in Greece; EU-Turkey deal up to $6bn, expedited addition to “safe countries of origin” list, Martin Schulz on compatibility with Geneva Convention; Angelina Jolie visits Athens; Wes Clark on Erdoğan and Gülen,
1:56:32Ms. Micky’s immigration story revisited; Congressional hearing on visa overstays and lack of exit process, biometrics, Ron Johnson: “would you agree with me in the private sector this would almost be like falling off a log?”; Trump’s website making Mexico pay for the wall
2:10:45Latest news in Brazilian presidential corruption kerfuffle;
2:12:55Francois Molins to 60 Minutes: “Telegram, we can’t penetrate”, ACC: “well, I’d say honeypot
2:16:22NA iTunes review “two idiots” tweet; police raids in Brussels & Paris; ACC’s pinhole glasses
2:21:30Donation Segment: 88 the white supremacist magic number
2:37:18Melissa Harris-Perry to The View: “when I say mammy, I mean something very particular”
2:43:37Democracy Now idiot on global warming: “layered approach that can stem from this research”, “seasonally adjusted” February predictably warmest on record, “bombshell”
2:48:26Congressional hearing on what to do with fetus surviving attempted abortion
2:53:52UN happiness report: Denmark is the world’s happiest country, and #1 in SSRI use