Call Clooney!

807 Thanks Obama! (2016-03-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “The brainwashing that is going on in this country is frightening!” (0:50:54)
0:00:35JCD’s “the ants are on the move” intro; JCD’s new “piercingly annoying” Zenergy chime
0:04:54Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields bruised by Trump campaign manager; Trump on Chicago “organized, professionally staged wise guys”, Sanders outfit “not by coincidence” tweet, CNN live: “total chaos”, CBS blogger: rallies “more hostile”, Bernie’s Brownshirts, Katie Tur: “we are on the precipice of something potentially very bad happening”, punch thrown by 78-year-old, Rubio: “there’s only one presidential candidate who has violence at their events”, JCD: “that’s because there’s only one presidential candidate that has anyone at their events”
0:21:54Predictably civil Republican debate, NBC: “they may have overcorrected here”; “a few quid” man overboard; Trump “a friend of mine” from Jimmy Kimmel, Carlin “happens to be black”; Bernie: “I don’t think our supporters are inciting”, Hillary “play with matches” meme, JCD: Bernie blaming the victim, Bernie and the Blacks; Rubio debate zingers, “law … to change the weather”; Trump “I mean a lot of ‘em” on hatred from Islam, Carter’s Iranian Shiite ban, Rubio: “I’m not interested in being politically correct, I’m interested in being correct”
0:43:38Erin Burnett misquotes Vicente Fox “remembers me of Hitler”; Hillary lies about “personal e-mail” server: “I’m not alone in that”; producer note on fellow students who want to shoot stab Trump; Sacha Baron Cohen on standing ovations for Trump AIDS in new film
0:54:28Erdoğan threatens top court over release of newspaper editors
0:57:30Hillary at Democrat debate: “I will not deport children”, deport terrorists
1:00:17Producer Segment: producer Roy on legality of automatic weapons
1:09:40German election results, Julia Klöckner dragged down by Merkel; Greifswald nuclear plant decommissioning, no RWE dividends for cities, Essen’s 8k refugees and 12% unemployment
1:22:26Refugees squabble for food “thrown at them” on Macedonian border, “cold and flooded tents”, “ISIS have a limit but the nature has no limit”; emerging EU-Turkey deal; JCD cycle predictions, 1857 depression and $15T gold glut, Howard Ruff’s 1977 “we’re all gonna die” book
1:30:53SxSW: Austin mayor says “work from home” because of Obama events, ACC’s motorcade video, armed Black Panthers chanting “oink oink, bang bang”, ACC and the sniper
1:37:12Obama invites “tech leaders” to be his propaganda arm, JCD: “I’m smelling free money!”; stimulus “criticized by the other party”, “thanks, Obama”; “can’t comment” on Apple case, kiddie porn meme, “everybody’s walking around with a Swiss bank account in their pocket”, “fetishizing our phones”; ACC’s technique to startle distracted phone walkers; “world’s oldest continuous democracy” vs Iceland, TSA & DUI checkpoint “tradeoff”, political swing “after something really bad happens”, ACC: “did he just call for a false flag event?”
2:08:49Donation Segment: $80.08 1337 “BOOB” interpretation
2:18:45JCD’s Dale Earnhardt “duck call”; Polk County Sheriff on Tim Cook: “I’ll lock the rascal up”
2:21:07Atrocities in South Sudan done by soldiers “in lieu of wages”, JCD: “where’s Clooney?”
2:26:40Declassified information on domestic use of spy drones, denied request for pothole spotting
2:28:34West Virginia decriminalizes raw milk, “then they all got sick”; JCD New York meetup
2:32:25Wasserman Schulz vs Warren on payday loans; Iditarod sabotage, supposed cancellation
2:36:45New LaVoy Finicum video, FBI covers up shots fired; $100k Bush 43 Wounded Warrior speech
2:40:30NBC Putin hit piece on Mikhail Lesin’s death
2:42:30Grandmaster Lee Sedol loses go match to AlphaGo; Google+ pros and cons
2:46:45Federal government has pocketed most of the subprime lending bank fines