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806 Babushkas of Chernobyl (2016-03-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “You have to have radiation in your diet.”
ACC: “Radiation in your diet is fantastic!” (2:02:26)
0:00:36Aric the Shill’s power outage; ACC on helicopter turbine engine coolness
0:02:21Debates and town halls, Bernie “but!”, Univision Democrat debate timer Nazis, Bernie: “when you’re white … you don’t know what it’s like to be poor”; Hillary on Trump racism, “basta”, “I am not a natural politician”; Benghazi timeline, “this was complicated”; “pedestrian fence” votes vs Trump wall, “we have the most secure border we’ve ever had”, Mary Lou Leary on streets “flooded” with heroin from Mexico, Hillary on low apprehensions as proof of success
0:23:10Clooney to hold Hillary fundraiser, “xenophobic fascist”, definition “fun fact”; Saturday Night Live Hitler skit, Romney robo-calls, “heil Hitler” pledge, David Brooks: “we might as well get the Nuremberg rallies to go with it”; “Sanders surprise” in Michigan; Trump: “I don’t want to say that” on Rubio as running mate, Trump asked about foul language
0:44:24Janine Driver alarms Today Show host Natalie Morales with body language analysis: Hillary uncertainty, Trump creative thinking, Bernie judgment, Morales: “we’ve had you here enough”; phony “disgusting” comments from focus group on Republican debate, Megyn Kelly on fact checking: “who’s got the time or the energy?”; Rubio whines about Trump’s “earned media”; Pooper: “Donald Krun, Donald Drump”, John Oliver deconstruction by Stefan Molyneux; CNN Carol: “kind of fun” to ask Marc Lamont Hill about angry white men
1:03:47Gary Johnson: “Trump’s a pussy”, ACC: “stop smoking your weed, man!”
1:09:54S.524 Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016, Dutch “methadone bus”, prescription drug monitoring database, JCD: “you won’t be able to get a gun”, HIPAA
1:18:43Producer Segment: JCD’s Zenergy chimes; Bernie “whoa whoa whoa” jingles
1:31:59No Hitler memes in Euronews coverage; Michigan polls distorted by land line attrition; Wasserman Schultz vs Andrea Mitchell on Hillary’s Marines story
1:39:39MH17 radar images omitted from report, Matt Lee grills page-fumbling Kirby: “you didn’t give any detail — not much more — there’s none”; insta-Ukranian Natalie Jaresko to replace Yatsenyuk; Nuland to visit Malta & Greece; Greece-Turkey refugee crisis meeting, “re-admission agreement”; western Balkan borders close, “illness is spreading rapidly” on Greece-Macedonia border; German newspaper comment sections closed; AFD party support up; Majorca nighttime alcohol ban; 48-hour doctor strike in Britain; Sweden’s new 6-hour work day
2:00:26Chernobyl anniversary, defiant “babushkas”, radioactive Brazilian beach, Fukushima farmer
2:04:12New South Korean sanctions on North Korea, phone hacking accusations
2:05:24Josh Earnest on chemical weapon use by ISIL & Assad; Mosul Dam and Baghdad International Airpoint, JCD: “it’s like going from here to LA!”, Gen. Lloyd Austin on evacuation plans
2:15:38Gen. David Rodriguez badgered by McCain on ISIS in Libya, “yes, I think we … need to do more, yes sir”; new thumb drive document cache with recruits’ details, Sky News package with boxes of documents decorated with ISIS flag, “that’s where machine intelligence comes in”
2:27:20Donation Segment
2:43:55Jacob Lew on IRS, running “an agency that has no choice but to have such a bad performance record”, JCD: deliberate slowdown; Loretta Lynch on “climate denial scheme”, referral to FBI
2:52:17African exports to China down 40%; Iran to reimburse victims and insurers $10.5bn for 9/11
2:56:50Fireplaces banned in Carmel California; protests to change Harvard crest over slavery
2:59:29Karen Bass: “many people would like to see an African-American on the Supreme Court”