Call Clooney!

804 Evidence Free Zone (2016-03-03)

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0:00:00JCD: (stoner voice) “Hey, man, I’m hearing a ringing sound!” (1:17:12)
0:00:34ACC home from “Fayette Nam”, Van Buren account; I-35 RV park, Time-Warner douchebaggery, Airstream bathroom grate design flaw, ACC: “you have a crosswind of about five knots”; Gary Johnson news, Trump vs his advisors, JCD story on Mondale’s comedy, Kasich the a-hole, Musk and McCain in bed over rocket engines
0:13:42Academy Awards actually ended on time
0:18:23GOP elite Romney vs Trump: “the very brand of anger that has led other nations into the abyss”, promises “as worthless as a diploma from Trump University”; Rubio pill-popping, JCD: “he should have one of the Pez dispensers”, Charlie Rose calls Rubio out on “con artist”
0:29:52CNN’s Sally Kohn on turnout “math that will trouble both of you”, Hillary’s “impeccable and vast record of experience”, JCD: “she’s a felon!”, “stopping us from becoming Nazi Germany”
0:34:52Pooper fawns over Melania; I Am Cait on the road; Morning Joe on NYT editorial board leak, “they would never do that in a million years to Hillary Clinton”; MSNBC trying to reinvent itself, epic fail: black guy live at Trump event; Hillary “super predator” comment
0:49:29Jeffrey Lord & Van Jones spar over KKK: “this is what liberals do, you are dividing people”
1:03:42Reporter “does a voice” on Chris Christie outrage, Tom Llamas the shouter; Van Jones to Don Lemon: “there were tears in the eyes of people, camerapeople”, “it trended worldwide”, Lemon: “who wants to live in a color-blind society?”
1:14:37Producer Segment: ACC’s bootleg Trump hat; Obama “no no no” Addams Family
1:24:04ACC’s new Zenergy chime, gong acoustics
1:25:15Yosemite changing signage for Curry Village, Delaware North trademark lawsuit
1:28:58FBI request for Apple to unlock drug dealer’s phone thrown out; Outnumbered on “vicious guard dog” meme, “it’s kabuki theater”, FBI screwup, “they should call the Israelis”; John McAfee claims ability to unlock phone, “trivial”, JCD on Error 53
1:39:28Comey to House Judiciary Committee: “vicious guard dog” meme, “Adam has discovered something big” in Newsletter; Darrell “car alarm” Issa on cloning data, defeating “ten and destroy”, JCD on inability to hire hackers, ACC: “hi I’m tnkgrl, I’m here to hack the iPhone”; Comey “drooling watch dog”, Trey Gowdy “evidence-free zones”, Comey: it’s for the children, Schmerber v. California, Comey: Apple engineers “kidnapped and forced to write software”
1:57:12Comey on government requirement to “overcome” right to privacy, “warrant-proof places”, “how do we want to be”, whole-disk encryption ignored; Apple’s Bruce Sewell on “arms race” with hackers, JCD on ITAR export controls, bogative “Telegraph” app cited; Jim Sensenbrenner: “I can tell you, I don’t think you’re going to like what comes out of Congress”, “all you’ve been saying is no, no, no, no”, JCD: “where’s the bill, Apple?”; First Amendment and “speech Apple does not want to make”, JCD story on patenting football play
2:20:22Donation Segment
2:26:10Samantha Power on ISIS spreading “like a cancer” in Europe; Tusk: “I want to appeal to all potential illegal economic migrants, wherever you are from: do not come to Europe” (CotD), Hillary “history books” iso; France threatens Britain with Calais Jungle over Brexit; refugees now housed at Dachau, German government worried about Trump; grey vs colorful vehicles
2:37:13Clip Blitz: Bill O’Reilly dragging ex down stairs; geezery fake Bill Clinton; NASA supersonic aircraft contract, ACC Concorde story; Google car hits a bus; Iraq’s Mosul Dam in danger of catastrophic failure; deputies charged with running gladiatorial combat