Call Clooney!

803 Joe Hitler (2016-02-28)

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0:00:00ACC: “I have a little thing, a little package.” (2:31:21)
0:00:34ACC in windy Fayetteville, 20 people at meetup including two submariners, “Dutch tip” circumcision joke, JCD story on “no-show Gilbert”, “turtleneck Curry”
0:10:05ACC at Bentonville Trump rally, “safe space” for protesters, TSA: no liquids, JCD story about no laptop use on airplane on ground; Star Spangled Banner before Trump landing; N757AF trackable only through FAA, 400-foot 757 flyby, Air Force One soundtrack, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Tiny Dancer, “the gayest possible shit song ever!”
0:31:25Short words in Trump speech patterns; on tax records: “you don’t learn anything about somebody’s wealth with a tax return”, Romney’s delaying tactic, “every year they audit me, audit me, audit me”, Carson on IRS dishonesty, Trump on audit “because of religion”; press hotties; “we’re gonna open up the libel laws”
0:45:22“MILF weekend” at school, “I love your trailer, can I look inside?” oddity; “numbers don’t add up” meme for millennials, Killer Mike at phone bank: “he’s offering free school and healthcare”
0:50:00Bad libertarian debate audio, JMD’s “aww!” reaction, ACC: “did you punish her on the spot?”
0:54:53Kasich on gay marriage: “if you don’t agree with their lifestyle, say a prayer for them”; “Rubio screamer”, JCD story on Led Zeppelin shills; Rubio’s new comedy material, Trump “meltdown” backstage, makeup trowel; JCD story on comedy writers, “ten bucks a joke”
1:14:46Producer Segment: meetup promotion rules; meetup gifts, JCD on terroir
1:35:45Anti-Hillary NBC: Land’s End catalog Gloria Steinem interview sparks Facebook flood
1:38:08Vicente Fox on Trump wall, “Joe Beeden”, Pooper: “you’re really saying he reminds you of Adolf Hitler?”, “Joe Hitler”; CSU newspaper “Sieg Heil!” editorial; David Duke endorses Trump, KKK shirt staredown, Trump: “I don’t know anything about David Duke”
1:53:27Earnest on Sanders job numbers: “undeniable progress … Republicans will continue to deny”
1:57:19Democracy Now on Planned Parenthood videographer pardon, “highly edited” meme; ACC’s Planned Parenthood interview; Sharpton’s “ticket to get out of here”, crazy laughter
2:01:16Nigel Farage and George Galloway agree on Brexit, BSE “Britain Stronger in Europe” vs bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Goldman Sachs funding; Farage: “it’s referendum season” in Netherlands, Hungary, “Mr. Cameron, doing his modern-day impression of Oliver Twist, went up to Mr. Tusk and said please sir, can I have some more concessions?”; Swiss criminal deportation referendum; strange barking sound from Tina Fey in Palin skit
2:16:20The Intercept on corrupt Hillary pundits Stephanie Cutter and Maria Cardona
2:19:59Donation Segment: meetup gifts: “hanging chad” ballot, karma card
2:30:57Ash Carter on cyberattacks against ISIS, “cyberbombs”; Tech Syndicate podcast on encryption as munitions and Second Amendment; ENCRYPT Act of 2016
2:39:46Tech News: Facebook’s new “love” button
2:42:15PBS panelists on Academy Awards: “diverse audiences crave diverse content”, “95% whites in leadership positions”, queen of the non-sequiturs on Hollywood liberalism
2:53:37Pedobear: Rotherham South Yorkshire child prostitution scandal; Dutch protesters arrested for wearing pig hats; Twitter possibly un-verifying journalists for negative posts
3:02:11Kraft mac & cheese recall over “metal contamination”
3:03:56Hillary indictment & Comey resignation scandal theory; National Enquirer Bill Clinton health crisis story; Melissa Harris-Perry’s open letter whining at MSNBC about preemption: “I am not a token, mammy, or little brown bobble head”