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802 Warehouse of Souls (2016-02-25)

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0:00:00JCD: “So how can you cite no proof?” (0:47:21)
0:00:32ACC heading for Arkansas; Zephyr schedules
0:02:41Greece’s neighbors closing or strengthening borders, Tsipras “permanent warehouse of souls”; refugee crisis “splitting Europe”, “keep out, that is Hungary’s message to migrants”, ACC: “girls not allowed”, refugees on abandoned train; Greece not invited to conference in Austria, ACC: “it’s like the roach motel of migrants”; Brexit referendum, “don’t go out, what you are doing?”, “madness”, New York banker: Deutsche Bank and City of London; DH Unplugged pub crawl, JCD on Reykjavik airport wool shopping
0:22:02Fayetteville meetup, Trump event; W1OER: Trump unlike Hitler, “lost voters”; History Channel German home movie documentary, Hitler’s 50th birthday party, “these people are insane”; Dutch attitude on Reagan transferred to American attitude on Trump; Chuck Todd on Trump inconsistencies, Alisyn Camerota: “show us when we’ve labeled somebody a xenophobe”
0:37:45Trump Morning Joe “hot mike”, “just make us all look good”; Mitt Romney on tax record “bombshell”, “citing no proof”, “tough guy” lie (JCDPPotD); “see Russia” from Tina Fey, not Palin, JCD’s “newfangled” mouse misattribution; Mika on Rubio as vice presidential pick
0:57:45CBS “I’m waiting to find the person who’s never told a lie” for Hillary; Ben Carson on racism from the left; MSNBC live report from gun range (CotD)
1:02:55Producer Segment: THC toothpicks; ant black pepper; Bernie’s salacious writings
1:23:36Comey on Apple case: “I do think the larger question is not going to be answered in the courts, and shouldn’t be”, Apple’s superstar lawyer Ted Olson, inapplicability of probable cause; Tim Cook’s new meme: “software equivalent of cancer”, “this is about the future”, e-mails from the military, “the right place for that debate to occur is in Congress”, “public safety” meme
1:43:23JCD Apple liability theory, “they don’t need a million lawsuits”, Family Guy: “everybody knows the best way to get any law struck down is to get the gays angry about it”; Bill Gates: “let’s say the bank tied a ribbon around the disk drive”
1:57:33Producer feedback on MindUP program, Zenergy Chime
2:02:40Sorghum shows up on Walking Dead: “that there is a criminally underrated grain that could change the game with our food situation”; Stephen King’s 11/22/63, ACC on Billions & Vinyl
2:07:45Obama on Supreme Court: “let’s see how the public responds to the nominee we put forward”, Constitutional “advice and consent of the Senate”, “lame duck” definition, “we know Senators say stuff all the time”, Biden: “President Bush should … not name a nominee”; moneyball fantasy football
2:17:05Wikileaks reveals NSA tapped Berlusconi’s phone
2:18:3732 new billionaires in Beijing, JCD: “so I’m thinking you were probably right on the gold idea”, gold vs real estate
2:23:28Donation Segment: JCD story on disappearing Bobby Kennedy photos
2:37:38“Ad tech abuse” at Mobile World Congress, Shine Technologies CEO Ron Porat on Google “extortion fee” for Eyeo, L.E.A.N. ads: “light, encrypted, ad choice supported, noninvasive”; RTS’s Conor Mullen: “both of you can pay me and we do a revenue share — happy days!”, Porat: “we’ve got a good racket going”
2:53:21ACC’s “hard stop” to fetch Airstream of Consciousness; JCD on “antique town” near Oklahoma border
2:55:23UC Davis student: “I identify myself as she-her-he-him”