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801 White Male Clerks (2016-02-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “To me, it’s the handshake of the devil.” (0:23:23)
0:00:33Boring town halls and bogative polls, ABC: “Ted Cruz closing in”; Carl “CIA white hair” Bernstein predicts “stop Trump” & “end dynasties” efforts; Iraq “I guess so” to Howard Stern; angry producer e-mail
0:11:50Bush drops out; student-hugging Kasich; Cruz’ breathy-voiced “awaken the body of Christ, that we might pull away from the abyss”, citizenship lawsuits; Cruz’ Photoshopped Rubio-Obama left-handed handshake, JCD: “your left hand is the wiping-the-ass hand”, ACC: “I use the shells!”; Katy Tur: Trump’s “lead slashed”, overmodulated Cruz clip
0:28:53Millennials being prepared for Sanders loss, Hillary “numbers don’t add up” meme; Hillary screwup on telling truth: “I’ve always tried to”, booed over Bernie “not really a Democrat”, “it’s true!”; Bernie “honorary woman” story, Dick Van Dyke: “socialism has a whole new connotation now”, Social Security: socialism or not?
0:38:49Hillary steals free school plank; Hillary potential coughing diagnoses, where’s Huma; CNN on Bush “unbelievable amount of money spent”, Citizens United; polls and strategic voting
0:50:42Jeffrey Toobin on Scalia’s law clerks at funeral: “an overwhelmingly white male group”
0:53:11Producer Segment: Nick the Rat’s Rat Radio
1:11:38Fayetteville meetup; @mtnvortex on team; ACC failed to file intent on time
1:14:24Apple vs FBI: Tim Cook’s letter for the sake of the company alone, obfuscates passcode security flaw; Cook plays the gay card: “love who they choose”; Rand Paul on FBI’s pile of 175 iPhones, “we just need to wait until someone dies”, remote password reset by Department of Health; 2nd vs 4th Amendment inconsistency; crackpot San Bernardino FBI setup subversion theory; ACC Red Book: Cook resigns
1:38:40Ash Carter to Charlie Rose: Russia the “competitor”, “little green men”, “heavy equipment” and “persistent rotational basis” troops in Europe; German business suffering from sanctions
1:45:26Ask Adam: Peter Bergen to caller on Fethullah Gülen: “I’m not familiar with the case”
1:49:16Donation Segment: JCD’s USAID sorghum bag; ACC’s hug from Shaquille O’Neal
2:01:49ADA section 508: “blinders”; No Agenda website accessibility “baked into our DNA”; easier to settle than call the legal team
2:04:32David Cameron negotiates special status for Great Britain in EU, “no more something for nothing” on welfare; Deutche Welle: “deepness of drama”, “no second chance”, Merkel’s french fries, sexual antics in the bathrooms; Farage & Galloway cooperating
2:12:57Goldie Hawn’s “MindUP” education system package on The Today Show: “a few times each day the kids pause, it’s called a brain break”, Pavlovian response to “brain break” chime, Hawn Foundation CEO’s $289k salary, ACC: “maybe they sell them on the site”
2:20:37Melissa “I need some muscle” Click: “he … came at me with a camera”, “it didn’t say professional journalist to me”, JCD: “you’re supposed to wear a fedora with … a card sticking in it that says press”; Louisiana police captain Clay Higgins addresses the gang problem: “if you raise your weapon to a man like me, we’ll return fahr with superior fahr”
2:28:35Family Guy: “what makes a good terrorist organization? brand recognition”
2:29:41Neil deGrasse Tyson quotes Galileo on consensus science; JCD on Fort Jefferson in Florida Keys: “where’s the rising tides?”
2:34:34Kerry tweet after Hollywood studio exec meeting: “great convo”; CDC sleep deprivation study, “college education or higher”