Call Clooney!

800 Toilet Wars (2016-02-18)

Show 800 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Wiggy, wiggy, wiggy!” (0:38:43)
0:00:33Thanks to all the helpers and producers, ACC: “how amazing it is”; Nick the Rat’s Illuminati symbol in iTunes artwork, “destroy computers” mashup jingle
0:12:37Hillary barking dog episode, jingles; CNN lies about coughing episode: “she choked up so badly that she struggled to speak for a few minutes”, ACC: “I think she’s suckin’ on a bong, man”, “where’s Huma?”, sniffling on stage
0:24:40JCD retrospective of Hillary’s lies; Russian uranium deal and Clinton Foundation donations, panel exempt from public records disclosure, ACC: “Bill’s gotta go”; second former Russian anti-doping chief dies; debate over whether South Carolinians hate Jews
0:32:48Republican town halls, Bush 43 reading anti-Trump speech, Jeb’s gun tweet, Trump family “village of braggarts” tweet, Trump on RNC dirty tricks: “double-edged pledge”, on 9/11: “you may find it’s the Saudis”, Obama “wigs out” on Trump: “they’re all denying climate change … since the science is unequivocal”, nuclear codes meme; possibility of Ross Perot treatment for Trump; Scalia murder conspiracy theories; ACC’s Valentine’s Day biplane ride
0:48:42Mika Brzezinski “who am I describing” with Sanders to Trump, JCD on China’s currency devaluation, Apple scales back Apple Store freelancer hours; Trump on military budget: “we’re buying equipment that the generals … don’t want”
0:54:56Social Security fraud and Death Master File, 1.4M aged 112+ still with no death information; IRS digitization mess, direct deposit onto untraceable credit card
0:59:48Producer Segment:; JCD’s lightning strike; KLBJ NA call-in promo
1:26:30Trump on San Bernardino iPhone: “Apple is absolutely in the wrong”, Carson: “what we need is a public-private partnership”, JCD: “heil Hitler”, Rubio on alternative encryption products, “Silicone Valley” partnership, Cruz on 4th Amendment; Apple ordered to disable auto-erase, enable passcode submission, disable delay, via signed image file, real legal question: forcing Apple to work for hire; ACC’s six-digit passcode, fingerprints not Constitutionally protected
1:51:32Rubio’s college affordability plans: alternative accreditation, “student investment plan”, JCD: “this sounds like indentured servitude … or Bowie bonds”
1:54:48K5ACC news on Dutch repeater network amateur radio news, ACC causes a “pileup”
1:58:01US Marshalls arrest Texas man for delinquent student loan; free ambulance services
2:01:31Yatsenyuk survives no confidence vote, rampant corruption, new constitution “contract on a clear geopolitical goal … which consists of becoming a member of the European Union and NATO”; Russian Obama posters; Bolivian referendum and Morales’ girlfriend, $500k from National Endowment for Democracy, Chinese companies on the scene, ACC Red Book: zika
2:13:06Gas price comparisons, Deutsche Welle on output freeze proposed by Russia and Saudi Arabia, $1.5M barrels per day excess; old-fashioned gas pumps, two-stroke pumps with oil, Saab 92
2:20:34Donation Segment
2:38:56Production issues at Grammy Awards; Stevie Wonder accessibility reference
2:41:59“ADA 508 trolls”; Google e-mail security-shaming; JCD error 53 article; Seattle “toilet wars”: man legally enters women’s locker room based on “gender identification”; gay misogyny
2:53:52Lawrence Summers: “halt the printing press” on $100 bills; Bill Clinton: “we are all mixed race”, ACC: “you coffin is over here, Mr. Clinton”; CBS: Obama voted for Alito filibuster, Joy Behar: “his color has something to do with it”, the “Whoopi poopie”
3:01:52Tavis Smiley “musical plenty” vs Napster