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79 Something is Amiss in Gitmo and Crackpot Nations (2009-03-12)

Show 79 album art, Daylight Saving Time scheduling
0:04:02D.C. CTO office raided by FBI; Madoff guilty plea, ACC predicts pre-sentencing handoff to International Financial Court being pushed for by Harry Markopolos law firm McCarter & English LLP, JCD predicts Madoff covering for family member
0:14:50JCD on hanging out with starving depressed journalists, female listenership, fixed expense accounts, ACC on cost and logistics of setting up modern news organization
0:23:23Georgia’s Eurovision Song Contest entry *We Don’t Wanna Put In“ rejected
0:26:56D.C. CTO raid, Yusuf Acar and Sushil Bansal arrested on bribery charges; Seymour Hersh on CIA JSOC domestic assassination operations; Obama signs “imperfect” omnibus spending bill without reading it, JCD: “his overlords said yes, sign it, you must sign it”, vetoes for unconstitutional line items, Ron Paul all-in on transparency of earmarks, pork vs earmarks
0:34:33Bernanke and Citigroup leak moving market up; JCD’s friend Ernie Varitimos S&P 666 prediction; World Focus show on KQED 3, JCD predicts Obama lifting Cuba trade embargo, Cuban students “we love American music” and citing British musicians, real estate development and tourism, “safer than Mexico”
0:43:3970 unfilled administration positions; FDA Senior Advisor Michael Taylor’s Monsanto background, revolving door poster child; Baxter International’s tainted flu vaccine, clinical trial subcontractor DynPort acquired by shady CSC, JCD on threat from universal flu cure in development, Baxter annual report: “only a matter of time before another pandemic strikes”, H5N1 vaccine distributed worldwide, ACC: “phase V: hookers!
0:56:19Spanish HPV vaccination program halted over severe reactions, ACC Dutch radio troubles, propaganda due to low turnout rate; climate change denial as mental disorder meme, 19.7 inches of sea level rise adjusted to 39.3, “bogus exactitude”; “climate creationists”, University of West England ecopsychologist conference, The Guardian “royal flush” denier playing cards
1:04:30Northern Ireland violence flare-up, ACC Lisbon Treaty theory, Continuity Irish Republican Army Muslim-looking logo; JCD clips for next show; German school shooting, military on the ground after Alabama shooting spree, talk of door-to-door gun confiscation
1:10:44Space Shuttle launch delay because of space debris leak; LaGuardia emergency landing, Air France deciding between Boeing and Airbus, JCD story: 747 from Chicago because of 737 maintenance, ACC on Boeing issues in aviation forums, 777 bad landing at Heathrow, still arguing about Turkish Airlines 1591, Sully’s $3M two-book deal including book of poetry; breaking news: ISS evacuation due to debris
1:16:04CNBC Warren Buffet interview repeated “financial Pearl Harbor”; Jamie Diamond “financial war” and “financial 9/11”; NBC on brain damage from porn addiction, “as addictive as cocaine, meth, and alcohol”, “the frontal lobe of the brain shrinks in people who are addicted to porn”
1:20:06Bloomberg reveals AIG financial black hole, $1T taken out of UK; Kazakhstan proposes new world currency “acmetal”, TRC Trade Reference Currency “terra” proposal; AMEE Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine “energy identity” movement; ACC on self-extinguishing CFLs
1:28:00“And now back to real news” jingle; foreign banks in AIG counterparty list
1:30:27Wikipedia constantly scrubbing anything questioning Obama’s nationality or climate change, JCD: equating climate change and Holocaust denial a sign “something is amiss”; donation amount “code”