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799 War on Serif (2016-02-14)

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0:00:00ACC: “Uh, honey, can you get the Viagra vape? I’m ready!” (2:41:34)
0:00:33Valentine’s Day Facebag tips; Stitcher and Mailchimp woes
0:05:44Reporter ditches Ronald McDonald House event to cover Antonin Scalia death in Marfa; David Axelrod: “Aaron Sorkin could not have written this script better”; Moneyball analogy; Rachel Maddow: nominate J’Johnson, Axelrod: Kamala Harris; pronounced dead “of natural causes” over the phone, John Poindexter’s ranch; Rubio hands it off to Cruz, “one Justice away”; handpicked Republican debate attendees
0:31:02Wasserman Schultz answers Tapper’s “rigged” question, “unpledged delegate”; Trump calls out Cruz’ dirty tricks, “hey Ted!”; Trump profanity, bogus bleep, Kimmel’s Unnecessary Censorship; eminent domain in Iowa
0:44:15Democrat debate: Sanders on Kissinger’s legacy, “Khammer Rouge”; Sanders’ low superdelegate count; Susan Sarandon on “FDR kind of plans”; JCD Red Book: audience rigging against Sanders; 2008 Elizabeth Warren video on Hillary’s reversal on bankruptcy bill; Cruz anti-Rubio “dumb for trusting him” ad with “former porn star” Amy Lindsay, Jake Tapper interview; Black Caucus PAC’s Hillary support, Jeffrey Sachs on CIA & Gaddafi
1:01:57“D.C. madam” records “relevant” to election, Huma Abedin & Secret Service, Bill Clinton: “it’s rigged because you don’t have a President who’s a change maker”, JCD: “Debbie better get her shiv out”; Alec “tech guru” Ross on Hillary’s e-mail server: “that was the other guy”
1:10:55Republican debate’s orange background, JCD story on Tech TV background
1:15:27Donation Segment: CVC’s dislike of Valentine’s Day
1:37:17Iran cracks down on Valentine’s Day
1:38:22Saudi Foreign Minister: Assad “single most effective magnet for extremists and terrorists”; Assad on independence of negotiation and fighting terrorism, Kerry on Russian target change, Lavrov on Financial Times Ban Ki-moon interview propaganda, “it is a road to nowhere”
1:45:15North Korean satellite launch watched by “brash young leader”, Pyongyang Marathon, satellite “roughly the same size as a nuclear warhead”, missile defense system talks
1:49:37Turkey threatens Europe with 50k more refugees, Hungary’s Orban accuses Germany & Turkey for secret pact, Merkel’s “coalition of the willing”; Clooney’s marriage woes; Greek farmers attacking riot police with shepherd’s crooks over austerity measures; London Über strike, JCD on cars vs horse-drawn carriages, Concours of Elegance cabs; Paris Airbnb crackdown, JCD on pre-internet house-trading catalogs; breathing.mp3 theremin file found
2:07:25Bizarre Obama Valentine’s Day greetings on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, “hi honey, and hi Barack”, “somebody call the Situation Room because things are about to get hot”; JCD reads pun competition entries
2:15:01Donation Segment
2:22:04ADA web accessibility scam, serif fonts to be forbidden, SSB BART Group, ACC: “Y2K scam”
2:30:50Record-breaking cold weather fearmongering
2:33:06US-made cluster bombs in Yemen; anti-Hillary Michelle Alexander article; Grammy Awards tribute controversy, Russell Simmons’ Oscars alternative; new “400 years” meme
2:40:01Duncan Hunter on anti-vaping bill: “you’re going to be able to inhale your Prozac”; ACC: “I don’t have Obamacare”; no 500 signatures yet for ACC
2:45:33Davutoglu accuses Russia of ethnic cleansing in Syria
2:47:12The state of US greyhound racing; the war on €500 notes