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798 Dangerous Speech (2016-02-11)

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0:00:00(Repeated three times) JCD: “Yeah, they’re going nuts.” ACC: “Yeah!” (0:43:33)
0:00:35JCD won Super Bowl prediction; not a cheerleader to be found; The View on Beyonce controversy, “social justice crisis”, Red Lobster up 33%, Sheriff David Clarke on white band in “hoods and white sheets”; JCD on Bubba Smith
0:13:43DoJ Ferguson lawsuit, consent decree, Loretta Lynch: “they have waited decades for justice”, debtor jails, police privatization; Taser “drive stun mode”
0:23:23“Trump pulverized his closest rival”, Howard Dean yell, Cruz “he pretends to be a Republican” ad; “asshole” Kasich; Deutche Welle on “TV star” Trump; Joe Scarborough on Rubio Christie-bashing “dark money” ads; Joe Klein on “low information” Trump voters, “things aren’t so bad here”; ABC reporter goading Rubio into going after Trump; Rachel Maddow: Republicans aligning with “hard right European-style nativist movements”; Trump victory speech and “phony” employment numbers, ObamaCare costs, Great Wall of Mexico & cheap heroin
0:43:36Sharpton hug for Sanders, “huge” meme, Rubio robot meme; Arne Arneson on anger buoying Trump & Sanders; Hillary’s super delegates; Arneson on out-of-touch comments by Steinem & Albright; millennial: “the free college aspect is awesome”; Obamacare & Enron; continuous hospital-insurance negotiation
1:00:21Hillary “changed a view or a vote” revisited, Morning Joe on transcripts, praise for Wall Street, Clinton disclosure issues, “has to be bought”; Jen Briney “chip in”; Albright damage control; Jennifer Granholm: Cruz “should get a declaratory judgment”, JCD: “totally responsible for ruining Michigan”
1:15:51Jen Briney’s show on how to get on ballot, ACC strategizes run for House of Representatives; JCD: lifetime pension on reelection
1:26:32Producer Segment: Show 800 artwork requirements;
1:40:09Tech News: James Clapper testimony on IoT, as written vs as delivered, Feinstein on ISIL: “all they need to carry out an attack in the West is an internet connection and an encrypted message application”, Clapper PDF: “new opportunities for our own intelligence collectors”, HVEs “Homegrown Violent Extremists”, Russian space-based weapon programs; Mexican heroin; turbulence in Moldova; Comey on encryption risk: “a really bad guy will go free”, “going dark”, locked San Bernardino phone, “I don’t want a back door, I don’t want a window, I don’t want a sliding glass door”
2:02:02Twitter Trust & Safety Council’s “dangerous speech” criteria; University of Texas citation, “someone was offended, it’s against the law” (CotD); lithium batteries on airplanes; IP address database; Google deceptive download button blocker; $19bn cybersecurity action plan; the dangers of “blue light” in mobile devices
2:20:52Moscow bulldozes 100 small businesses; Iran wanting oil payment in Euros
2:24:49Supreme Court blocks coal plant rules; Neil deGrasse Tyson flat earth segment, “being wrong becomes being harmful”, “can I get an amen”, mic drop
2:31:34Donation Segment: NPR’s podcast measurement guidelines
2:44:21Yanis Varoufakis back in the news
2:46:50Atherton opts out of paying for Obama visit security
2:50:33California to hold Google responsible for autonomous vehicle accidents
2:53:15$1.8bn to combat zika virus; pyriproxyfen insecticide