Call Clooney!

796 Bomb Denmark (2016-02-04)

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0:00:00ACC: “What the Hell is a cylinder of excellence?” (1:54:26)
0:00:33ACC’s dinner with iTunes guys, Episode 800 to be featured
0:02:44CNN town hall, JCD: “the questions were in the lower third”, Hillary on Goldman-Sachs speeches: “that’s what they offered”, “I wasn’t committed to running” lie, “they’re on notice”; Maddow on counting people “in herds”, Brian Williams: “we hopefully will be the purveyors of truth and justice here”; Hillary’s convoluted “about what the way we have to keep the balance of power in our society is”; Williams on MSNBC f-bomb: “a bit of French that snuck into our English-language translation”, ACC on MTV and basic cable
0:17:40Trump-Cruz tied due to rounding, Joe Scarborough urges Trump to spend more; Cruz’ dirty trick, Cruz: “is it a dirty trick to pass on your news stories?”, CNN rebuttal, JCD on annoying competitive debaters, Cruz “Trumper tantrum”, “nuke Denmark”, breathy-voiced preaching; CNN on balleting: “that’s what makes this so exciting”; Jeb Bush “please clap”
0:33:07Krauthammer to O’Reilly on “Comey primary”; Clinton-appointed judge orders HSBC money laundering report unsealed; Dan Bongino on e-mail server compromise; Hillary on top secret State Department e-mails: “the facts are quite helpful here”; amped-up Hillary crescendo (CotD); “Marcosoft” from Gates donations
0:47:18Kerry on Iran’s $150bn $55bn and “long-term commitments” to China
0:55:06Producer Segment: Powerball hookers and blow story; Schiphol “no driving list”
1:29:33Syrian peace talks rescheduled, Syrian government may not attend; Finland to deport 20k refugees; EU attempts to raise another $8bn; Balkan countries to standardize registration; Australia to park refugees in Nauru
1:36:54Obama’s during mosque visit: “I refuse to give them that legitimacy”; “basic facts” epic stammer, “they be obvious”; Obama’s invokes Hadith; poet Ashraf Fayadh’s death sentence overturned in Saudi Arabia, replaced with 800 lashes; German parliament “trojan viruses” attack blamed on Russia; Farage on Russia in bed with ISIS
1:51:32Norse Corp defunct, attack map survives; NSA reorganization “NSA 21”, “cylinders of excellence”; Airbus bomb in Somalia
1:57:42WHO “concern” over zika virus sexual transmission in Texas, vaccine efforts, ACC: “this is the ebola script”; ethicist calls for Brazil to give up Olympics; WHO guy on microcephaly and Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome: “why do we not see it in other places yet?”, “vaccines, even” as factors; ATCC virus sample collection, zika sample from Rockafeller Foundation; JCD’s pharmacist on flu vaccine: “I wouldn’t get that shot”
2:06:58John Fletcher My Sharia jingle, ACC: “I want the whole song, please!”
2:07:41Donation Segment
2:23:10HTTPS Everywhere revisited, Mozilla’s switch from Google to Yahoo, “you’re safe with us” and Facebook browser combining Bing with “like” history; autism diagnosis may be possible via fMRI; $1k-per-pill hepatitis C drug from VA doctor Raymond Schinazi, “the person that’s responsible always seems to retire just before the investigation starts”
2:39:46Whoopi on hyphenating “Americans”, “I’m a whole lotta all-American”
2:41:42Claire McCaskill asks senior leaders about women & the draft, McCain: “you were asked for your opinion, Mr. Secretary”; JCD: Equal Rights Amendment never passed
2:46:20Snowden on EU-US privacy shield: “it’s an accountability shield”; submersible data centers, ACC: “looking for Dude Named Ben with wetsuit”