Call Clooney!

795 Trump Head (2016-01-31)

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0:00:00ACC: “Google’s saving them, keeping them all safe, safe from bad webthiteth.” (3:11:41)
0:00:35JCD’s MIA gong mallet, “two-gong household”; ACC on new MIDI controller, AudioRack Suite by the Funk Brothers
0:01:58Dinner with the O-bots: glee over Ted Cruz affair rumor; baseball player Darrell May “coaching a little bit of baseball”
0:12:24Chuck Todd on Trump fundraiser: “like a Phish concert, or Dead heads … Trump head”; JCD 3x3: CBS hit piece, Christie “snit”, Jeb Bush “mission accomplished”; Hillary New York Times endorsement “one of the most qualified candidates in recent history”; Van Jones Trump rant cut off by Don Lemon; O’Reilly unsuccessfully woos Trump back to debate; Trump runs the kids through his plane
0:33:14Note from Wounded Warrior Project PR director, Chip Reid “I got a job, you got a job”, CBS: WWP on Charity Navigator watchlist; Form 990 deconstruction, IP lawsuits and WWF, book sales at rallies; Trump drops WWP, CBS drops story; Major Garrett’s Trump beef
0:49:00Kasich: “it’s best not to talk any more about back doors and encryption”; Bill’s quavering “who will do the most”; Bush “so did you, Marco” diminutive
0:54:36Joe Scarborough slyly refers to inside information on FBI Hillary investigation, FBI “have never been big fans of the Clintons”; Elizabeth Warren tweets
1:03:38Producer Segment: how caucuses work,; ACC’s vanity call K5ACC
1:57:3513-year-old German girl’s story of rape by migrants turns out to have been fabricated; migrant drownings and strandings near Greece; Dutch response to “have a nice day”; Europeans analyze Trump, Belgium the “rat hole”, “Donald Trump is his ideology”; hand grenade for shelter in Germany; Frauke Petry: “police should have the right to shoot at illegal migrants”; Sweden to deport up to 80k; Thom Hartmann to Bill Maher on teaching immigrants the language: “your culture’s fine, but here’s our culture
2:15:39Charles Barkley on “racial component” in Super Bowl: “the best way to make talk radio good is to make it racial”; Idris Elba at SAG Awards: “welcome to diverse TV”
2:22:24New consent laws in California and New York, man on the street: do they cover kissing; California “consent carnival”, five types of consent, Orwell’s 1984; No Agenda consent app, Kleiner Perkins lawsuit,
2:34:34Ask Adam: Obama on Hillary “she can govern”, “more experienced than any non- vice president”; Glenn Beck “we’re entering really serious and dangerous times” Goldline ad (CotD)
2:39:53Donation Segment: soap berries
3:02:28Tech News: HTTPS Everywhere, Tor connection, ad blockers, new “X” icon for non-HTTPS sites, “big scary burglar” on, ACC: “mark my words, this is about advertising”
3:11:52TtK worried about ACC’s fake accent pissing off the Dutch
3:12:30Zika virus outbreak in Brazil, JCD: banned pesticide, “if you have any symptoms when you return, see your doctor and use repellants”, “the repellant”, “the Americas”; WHO spokesman: “there’s very little evidence to connect the two with cause and effect”, Guillain-Barré syndrome, “everybody has learned from the ebola lessons”, “vector control”