Call Clooney!

794 Party Boat (2016-01-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ooh, oh, oh, I didn’t know this was gonna happen!”
0:00:33ACC’s new low-latency and better-sounding setup
0:02:01Democrat town hall with scripted questions, Sanders on college degrees now vs then, JCD on higher education as “moneymaking scam”, new buildings galore; second-guessing Hillary supporter meme, Hillary questioned about dishonesty, “I have had many, many millions of dollars spent against me” by drug companies; “Secretary Sand… er, Clinton … I can see why they have you this question”, ACC: “get some real actors!”; O’Malley “climate change” accent, “greatest business opportunity”, “clean Iowa wind”
0:17:54Trump to ditch Fox debate, NBC “petulant” meme, Chuck Todd: “debates haven’t been Trump’s best moments”; Glenn Beck: “Donald Trump is a progressive”, Ann Coulter: Fox “not always our network”, Roger Ailes’ arrogance, CNN on “hostile takeover” of party
0:28:45CBS on Wounded Warrior Project’s “out of control” spending, “alcohol” meme, Form 990 deconstruction, 11-minute package already in the can, CEO Steven Nardizzi’s grand entrances
0:41:55Trump on evolution of Reagan’s conservatism; on ISIS: “wouldn’t it be nice if we could surprise them and knock the Hell out of them?”, Tom Marino: “we have to kill them all”; Mitchell & Matthews on Bernie Sanders “chaos”, what Hillary has “been through”; Susan Sarandon’s tearful “I give you Bernie Sanders” (CotD), JCD “great analysis” iso; Carson misrepresents history of journalistic objectivity (JCDPPotD)
0:52:10Grand jury indicts Planned Parenthood video producers, “tampering with a governmental record” felony, CBS This Morning “I don’t know any journalists that use fake IDs”
0:59:29Producer Segment
1:03:37Drunk or not drunk Megyn Kelly, Diane Sawyer’s wine and pills
1:05:28“Oregon Oather” LaVoy Finicum killed, “compound” meme, conflicting eyewitness account, Sheriff Dave Ward: “some of these folks have spent a lot of time in town, trying to stir some issues within the community”, former fire chief Chris Briels on undercover FBI at armory
1:14:38Six-Week Cycle: FBI Samy Hamzeh “sting” in Milwaukee, Masonic temple
1:19:39Depression screening for all adults pregnant women; CVC’s Asperger’s diagnosis via CT scan; ACC & JCD take the Pfizer survey, JCD: “no guns for you”
1:40:09Donation Segment: JCD on stellar Ljubljana pastry shop
1:56:10Indignant e-mail exchange on Oscars; Danny DeVito: “we’re a bunch of racists”
2:03:21Tech News: ACC discusses new laptop, Core Audio, Spotlight; Yahoo pipes
2:11:14JCD: adding cider vinegar to water is “bullcrap”, live vinegar dangers, ACC’s heartburn
2:16:11Anonymous producer on NOAA “party boats”: “think US Navy minus any training or oversight”, sex party scandal; GPS satellite time “glitch”; correction: Germany is not landlocked; Mennonite producer
2:23:5820% jump in Weight Watchers stock after Oprah’s insider trading tweet; ABC Trader Joe’s and real estate value native ad, entire D-block devoted to Budweiser Clydesdale native ad, JCD: “how is this news??”, ACC Budweiser website story
2:33:134000 responses to Australian petition to ditch Queen; Joni Ernst: “there’s no war on women”, cougar vs major; corny Jeanne Moos package on kids who adore Trump (CotD)
2:43:41Things the Media Will Not Say: Orrin Hatch on ACA co-op sanctioned book-cooking
2:49:22Vanity Fair Trump hit piece; “what say you” on Trump’s Iowa ground game run by Chuck Laudner; debate ratings predictions