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793 Divide & Ruin (2016-01-24)

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0:00:00ACC: “John, this is it, they finally got it out!”
0:00:33Late start, ACC’s upgraded software
0:03:27Cruz gaffes: “national security exports”, “living or dialing by the daily polls”; Rich Lowry “Tonald Drump”; JCD 3x3, John Heilemann: National Review hit piece “like an in-kind campaign contribution”, “a tapeworm invading the weakened body of the Republican party”, Barbara Bush weighs in for Jeb; JCD on Thursday news show superiority; Sarah Palin vs Glenn “this dopey guy” Beck endorsements, Palin son’s PTSD and assault arrest
0:21:38Buchanan advisor’s Trump campaign prediction, big five talk radio guys’ positions; Beck anti-trump rant, identical-sounding sidekick, ACC: “that is an old top 40 DJ trick … so you can go do coke in the bathroom”, Beck: “I’m not getting rich by saying that”, Trump = Obama, Goldline ad, ACC: “buy some seeds while you’re at it, too”; Trump: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody” context, JCD on Trump repetitiveness; Elizabeth Warren “skip the quorum” moment, ACC: “I’ve still got my eye on her”
0:39:41Sparse Hillary e-mail coverage, “inter-agency dispute” to Brolf; spokeshole Finney: “that’s one Inspector General, there are others that disagree”; Toobin on political vs legal issue, Comey the Republican; State Department blames blizzard for delay on 7k remaining documents
0:53:19“Snowpocalypse” arrest threat, sledding families in Times Square; National Guard in D.C., drunk or not drunk Luke Russert; Chris “right?” Hayes: 2015 the hottest on record, storm surge threat due to climate change; NOAA guy: “this isn’t a climate change storm”
1:01:12Lisping Leonardo DiCaprio at Davos: protect climate from “irreversible damage and devastation of unthinkable proportions”, JCD: “it’s like listening to Sylvester the Cat”; Todd Stern hems & haws on climate change believer attrition; Los Angeles methane leak absent from Jerry Brown’s SotS, JCD: “I think a flare gun’s the way to go”, methane dangers, relief well
1:16:47Producer Segment
1:22:14Communist flags at Calais refugee camp “the jungle”, “unaccompanied minors” attack journalists; 16-year-old German girl’s deleted Facebag account, Angela “Fatima” Merkel; rise of German anti-Semitism, European expats in Israel; grace period for license-less drivers in Sweden, Finnish culture classes: “you can’t buy a wife”; sanctions hitting Russian investors; Elementary No Agenda theme episode
1:43:45DiCaprio documentary Green World Rising partner CTX carbon exchange
1:48:51Iranian foreign investment and tourism, Kerry: sure, some of the money will fund terrorism
1:52:06El Chapo Guzmán’s Barrett .50 BMG Fast and Furious link, Earnest: “let me take a look at that”, Loretta Lynch: no decision yet to comply with court ruling; Mena Arkansas and Bill Clinton; new Army secretary Fanning asked “are we winning?”; Kurdish “divide & ruin”
2:03:01Obama in Detroit predicting ubiquitous self-driving cars
2:05:37Donation Segment
2:13:45Tech News: new GM ride sharing program; JCD on driving with Paris plates, Solex bicycle motors; DHT-based IPFS Interplanetary Filesystem
2:28:58ACC thumbs-up for Straight out of Compton; Ice Cube on Oscar controversy
2:32:53Norway’s DNB bank pushing cashless society; British government de-radicalization program: “if children start to mistrust the mainstream media and show anger towards the government, it could be time to worry”; Saskatchewan school shooting; JCD Petaluma murder epic fail
2:38:27Haitian election protests; Epic No Agenda beer plug; “gloves are off” for Clinton & Sanders