Call Clooney!

792 Buffoonery (2016-01-21)

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0:00:00JCD: spitting sound, ACC: “Very close.” (1:15:42)
0:00:34JCD’s empty passenger trains; kefir-drinking Chechnyan listener BNSF slowdown, rail fans “foamers”, JCD on empty rail cars as sign of downturn; new “suckin’ in soot” jingles
0:08:44British Parliamentarians debate Trump ban, “bonkers”, “wazzock”, “buffoonery”, “up close we might also get to see just what is under that hair”, “unacceptable behavior criteria”, Trump’s “views on black people”, “he is homophobic and misogynistic as well”, “Megyn Kelly Stiles on Fox News”; ACC’s Trump endorsement on Wikipedia; Jack Dromey: Trump “daft and offensive”, “freedom of speech is not an absolute”, ISIS’ “strategy to radicalize the vulnerable, in particular those with mental illness”; ISIS “ style” blog, “jihotties”
0:32:55Scottish “harpy”: “he’s talking about my children”, Kwasi Kwarteng: “Mecca has been banned for Christians for hundreds of years”; French BNP party membership, “what we need to do is put those voices out there in order to slam them down”; ACC’s Sharia-bot
0:49:36Tusk predicts Schengen collapse in two months, ACC on Germany’s lack of beaches, CEO at Davos: “the euro and the union are a jeopardy”; Dutch riot in Heesch over asylum center, “I’m pretty sure that we will see more of these kind of attacks on authorities”; proposed EU-wide gas tax; Austria to toughen migration rules; CVC on Rotterdam mayor’s misogyny; UAE & Qatar buying land in Macedonia, 200 mosques in Kosovo; Soros: EU on “verge of collapse”
1:06:35Producer Segment: “suckin’ in soot”; $333.33 “throng of threes”
1:19:53Janet Hubert on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Oscars boycott: “blacktresses”, “maybe you didn’t deserve a nomination”; Michael Moore: “an industry that’s so white and so male”, “there needs to be real affirmative action”; Chris Hayes’ new “right?” record ding-fest (CotD); Stacey Dash on getting rid of BET and Black History Month, Sharpton jumping on board, Hollywood-Obama non-sequitur; death of “President Blowfly”; The View: Whoopi damage control for ABC, Chris Rock boycott “seems just as bad”, blames moviemakers, JCD: blame the Chiners
1:47:24Democracy Now jingoism for Sarah Palin’s Trump endorsement, “I’m With Stupid” headline and son’s assault; Facebag anti-Palin misogyny; Iowan Palin clone: “I’m wondering where she went?”; Chris Matthews hounds Omarosa Manigault about Palin presidency; Trump “nobody likes him” on Cruz, Cruz “Nasty” tweet, Limbaugh on “wolf in sheep’s clothing”; Rick Wilson: Trump supporters “childless single men who masturbate to anime”
2:08:08Ash Carter may strip Petraeus of two stars; SAP “super top secret” Hillary e-mails; Mika Brzezinski on lucrative Goldman Sachs speeches, Elizabeth Warren as running mate, JCD: “the party will not allow it”
2:15:20Donation Segment
2:28:07Josh Earnest on “coincidence” of $1.7bn payment to Iran and prisoner release, Kerry statement on 35-year saga, 1979 Hague Claim Tribunal and $2.5bn in escrow, secondary Leibovitch v. Kerry lawsuit, ACC: “this is Jew versus Arab”; overlooked “their passports are examined” in Iranian sailor capture
2:38:03Moldova unrest on heels of Nuland visit; video of Lavrov avoiding eye contact with Nuland
2:40:43Koch Brothers’ Nazi-sympathizing nanny, father’s oil refineries for Stalin; Koch Industries memo on Winkler Koch’s international oil refinery deals
2:46:39$26M IRS phone scam threatening to “put you behind the bars”, “the real IRS never threatens”