Call Clooney!

791 Shunt Unit (2016-01-17)

Show 791 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Well, I don’t know if I should drop this bomb on you now.” (1:39:17)
0:00:34JCD’s incineration method for Argentine ants
0:04:41ABC news “just sayin’” on Oscar nomination diversity; Academy’s secret membership, Ed Begley Jr. in charged of male nominees, Chris Rock hosting, #OscarsSoWhite
0:15:30Melissa Harris-Perry on Chris Christie’s “petulant child” as “boy”, Dave Winer “shocking racist dog whistle”; Tavis Smiley: “black folk have lost ground over the past ten years”, unimplemented Obamacare preexisting condition clause, CVC’s bleeding gums, Obama: “your premiums will go down” bullshit
0:30:00Republican debate: Fiorina’s face fillers, Cruz & Trump on “New York values”, New York Daily News “drop dead, Ted”; Glenn Beck paints Trump as “New York liberal”; Trump on Cruz birtherism: “I choose him as my Vice-presidential candidate and the Democrats sue”
0:45:13Cruz “damage control” over Goldman Sachs loan; David Brooks “I have no confidence in my judgment”; CVC’s autism diagnosis, Dutch healthcare; Ben Carson on divisiveness vs values
0:58:16Producer Segment: double nickels on the dime “No Agenda Minuteman” origin
1:14:59Ask John: Obama on 1970s “Reagan-era” California smog, “y-you might dah”, “suckin’ in soot”, JCD on photochemical smog, tetraethyl lead as valve lubricant, lead poisoning and violence; Obama “no no no” on Michelle candidacy, “because the Constitution”
1:34:33ACC requests remix of USA Freedom Kids Trump song; “I guarantee I’m not paying for this mike”; rules leaving questions of Presidential eligibility rules up to Congress
1:39:30Donation Segment
1:47:58JCD’s bombshell: Yosemite locales Curry Village and Ahwahnee Hotel being renamed over $54M trademark dispute, ACC on family history, “why don’t they just call it Camp Verizon?”
1:53:14Barbed wire at the borders, BBC: “the welcome is cooling”, empty UN Human Rights Council buildings; Deutsche Welle on Merkel “under attack from all sides”, “we have not seen a story like this with Angela Merkel ever before”; Davos on Nuland’s itinerary; Switzerland also to require asset surrender
2:03:23Schwab analyst Sonders discusses market plunges on NewsHour, “unfinished business from 2015”; JCD on bogative Chinese numbers; ACC on Y2K compliance required by SEC; White House’s “The Great Recession”; oil price analysis, Brent vs WTI, China “golden goose” on demand, lifting of Iran sanctions, pumping to “make up for lost revenue”, bottom of the market Red Book predictions, echoing JCD: “the big one is in 2017, and it’s going to be frightening”
2:25:08“Have more kale”, “eight superfoods” for 2016 rundown: dumpster salad, kelp, moringa, teff, JCD quinoa & birds story, JCD recommends Lifeway kefir, warns about kombucha, “new quinoa” amaranth, pulses, bugs at #1, “the next climate-friendly superfood”, ACC: “hey, cricket mac & cheese”
2:40:05French painkiller trial results in brain death, JCD: “I think somebody just got a hot dose”, ACC: “I blame this on Common Core”
2:44:20Astronaut Tim Peake’s helmet water blob at ISS, swimming pool conspiracy theories, “suspicious points” on shoulders, ACC: “what have they ever done on the International Space Station except fix the damn thing?”, “perfect framing right there”, “sequential shunt unit” dummy load, mission control: “try to drink it and note the taste”
2:51:08ACC’s Facebag Murdoch/Hall joke response: “what ever happened to you should be able to marry the person you love, hypocrite?