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78 The Great Daylight Savings Time Conspiracy or 100% Yanni-Free (2009-03-08)

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0:00:35JCD on Windows not dealing gracefully with Daylight Saving Time, nuisance for meetings, “they have mastered the space-time continuum”, JCD on Roosevelt-era implementation with complaints from musicians and Hollywood
0:07:42Obama helicopter price hike, yellowcake information from Italy, British-Italian manufacturer AgustaWestland, $6bn quid pro quo
0:12:42H.R.875 Food Safety Modernization Act from Rosa DeLauro “the ugliest woman in the history of the US Congress”, husband Stan Greenberg works for Monsanto, farmers markets potentially criminalized; JCD story: asking editors how many vote Republican, video of Dutch news reader primping; Obama teleprompter dependency, weekly address “save and create” blunder, ACC on police academy “twenty-five jobs!”, “aviation jobs” for TSA
0:24:34White House explanation for Gordon Brown insult: Obama’s tired, Brown’s HMS President pen gift vs Obama “goodie bag of DVDs” in wrong region; JCD on new layer on region 1 incompatible with region-free devices; ACC predicts G20 new IMF global system, SDRs special drawing rights, “he poops on” Gordon Brown, Gordon is a Moron book
0:31:02US attorney in Los Angeles reverses three-day-old ban on medical marijuana prosecutions; European nonexistent Americans conspiracy theory, Walt Disney Florida labor law workaround via “cast members” designation; government crisis web sites and emblems, JCD: “where’s the armbands?”; Ruud Gullit and Beckham bail on designed-to-fail Major League Soccer
0:40:33Listener note on Tooele UT eBay data center with .50 cal machine gun turret in blueprints; Plane Stupid activist throws green goop in Business Secretary Peter Mandelson’s face over Heathrow runway, air horn “lie detector”, similar attack on Pim Fortuyn; Anthony Weiner arguing for H-1B visas for models, Elite World model agency CEO’s cocaine arrest in Paris
0:49:25JCD impressed with Ubuntu Linux; Becky Worley on ABC News, story about girl who sent 36,666 text messages, Nightline on Hooters-style chains Bone Daddies and Twin Peaks, dour Martin Bashir; “sexting” child pornography arrests, “iCheat” chroma keying
0:56:05Baxter International’s H5N1-contaminated vaccine, stock price uptick after admission, ACC predicts Gardasil marketed on Jade Goody’s corpse; Nancy Levant article on “communitarianism”, “voluntary servitude”; Obama science advisor Sharon Long on Monsanto board from 2002-2007, opposition to rBST labelling, Obama GMO labelling promise, rumor of Monsanto monopoly in Iraq
1:10:26ACC: $500bn lent to FDIC, “your money insuring your money, go figure”, $2T for European banks; Clinton & Obama picking up “never let a good crisis go to waste” meme; AP breaking news: Britney Spears visiting kids in Miami hospital; AIG refusing to admit taxpayer bailout dollars are going to European banks; Geithner assistant nominee Annette Nazareth bails, ACC: “in a country where we have to save and create three and a half million jobs, the administration can’t seem to hire anybody!”; JCD on Michelle Obama Lady Macbeth meme, Rahm Emanuel “kill you and eat your eyeballs” types spooking potential appointees, Emanuel Clinton enemies list rant “Nat Landow, dead! Cliff Jackson, dead!”
1:20:35International Women’s Day, Svalbard Global Seed Vault one-year anniversary, Norwegian underground apocalypse bunker conspiracy theory; FedEx vaccine shipments, ACC: “when you absolutely, positively need your bird flu the next day, FedEx is there to bring it to you”
1:23:13Outro, JCD: “we’re not beholden to anybody”, PBS not “zero Yanni”