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789 Kidults (2016-01-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “You’re not following the rules, not following the rules!” (0:07:49)
0:00:35“Headbuds”, Steve Jobs documentary; ACC in Dallas for meetup, JCD’s misadventures with, ACC power adapter “jiggle the handle”, JCD’s “tours of the Airstream studio”, ACC: “here’s where I sleep, here’s where I poop!”, JCD’s Mailchimp regional messages
0:15:13Obama gun control town hall, Pooper intro: address “not just people who agree with him as so often happens at Presidential news conference”; Obama on Jade Helm loonies; seatbelts and “smart gun” technology, JCD: “I always keep one on the table, I usually put it over by the crib”, Colt boycott, violent crime drop “something we don’t celebrate enough”
0:29:53Secret Service issue with Sir Kris’ Knight ring, “no gun for you” retailers, fewer ATF agents, “not because of my budget”, “a whole bunch of responsible gun dealers out there”, Father Michael Flager: “thank you for your courage and your passion, and keep pushing”; Obama “yes, that is a conspiracy” on martial law
0:44:06CNN packages: Grassley on “tyrannical government”, Trunp the kook, gun store hecklers, owner’s Occam’s razoe: “how else do you make fewer guns, they don’t evaporate”; Philadephia cop shooter’s stolen police gun; NRA opt-out because “we were offered on pre-screen question”
0:54:34Mandatory mental health screen for college students, JCD on Cassius Clay’s cannon; Rand Paul on The View, Whoopi reiterates “there’s no reason anybody needs to have an automatic weapon”, ACC: “maybe she’s retarding over time”
1:03:05Producer Segment: Satanism revisited; his & hers drunk & not drunk note
1:27:34“Facebag” catching on, Oregon rancher subsidies, “cracker terrorists”; Northern Paiute claim, “they gave us ten acres at the city dump”, ACC: Bundy brothers in Ferguson
1:38:59Gayane Chichakyan on $25k Hellfire missile lost in Cuba
1:41:59Andrea Mitchell pisses off Kerry over North Korea, “we have had meetings, we have had constant consultations”, Kirby to “lay out the entire tick-tock”; Kimmel “Liewitness News” congratulating Kim Jong-un
1:49:48Merkel responds to Köln New Year groping incidents, Nigel Farage on police & media cover-up, proposed code of conduct for women, “I’m quite surprised … that she didn’t suggest that in future they just say stay at home”, Malmo rape capital of Sweden outlaws perp ethnicity disclosure, Kristin Spitznogle on hijab vs “Norwegian whores”, Norway’s immigration numbers; UK “Sharia court this way”
2:14:30Dutch not all-in on EU-Ukraine trade deal, Juncker predicts “enormous crisis in Europe”, ACC sexy Dutch pillow talk, JCD: “‘, Dutch girls”
2:18:17Mostly fraudulent traffic for Yahoo ads
2:19:22Donation Segment: “ditto” at meetup for N5ADA
2:35:49JCD gripe: customs confiscating “bad meat in Europe” salami, sheep casing salami recall
2:38:03Leonardo DiCaprio to Charlie Rose on scientists “screaming out loud for decades”, “99% of the scientific community”; Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer on “big transition away from carbon dioxide”, “bring your own mug” or Molly Wood’s bamboo utensils, “little Leila” on polar bears: “I don’t know how to fix it”; new “anthropocene” epoch “simply being descriptive”
2:48:46“Kidults” going to summer camp, “inner child work, shaming, and successful aging”
2:50:37“El Chapo” Guzmán recaptured thanks to biopic planning
2:53:21Chris Christie on technology in education: “when any adults have problems with their smartphone, you hand it to your thirteen-year-old”, “every kid should just be carrying an iPad”