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788 Mental Defectives (2016-01-07)

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0:00:00ACC: “I got a really disturbing note on my door today.” (2:43:40)
0:00:32Lumosity dinged $2M for misleading “neuroelasticity” claims in NPR ads underwriting; CNN’s three-minute native ad plan, CES native ads; NewsHour: “we need more taxonomists” with ants; 1.6bn gallons of water diverted in California for 40k people
0:11:19“Oregon Oathers” O-bot memes; “Bundy boys” Citizens for Constitutional Freedom moniker, Obama gun action synchronicity; David Love: “if the group had been black or brown and Muslim, there would be … a violent response”, “armed to the teeth”, Joe Scarborough: send in Chicago PD; former FBI on “homegrown white anti-government terrorism”: “a guy with three teeth, a dog, and a pickup truck, and a gun”, “federal building” trigger word
0:30:31Obama Executive Actions: “America’s parent-in-chief” “openly wept”; NBC “unprecedented” White House access for SotU; on Sandy Hook: “it gets me mad”, “streets of Chicago” ad-lib, “a violent felon can buy the exact same weapon over the internet with no background check”, 7 per 100k to 3.8 over term; NICS 24/7 transition; Obama “mentally unstable”; on Second Amendment: “it’s there written on the paper”, “I taught Constitutional law, I know a li’l bit ‘bout this”; Chris Hurst “wishing that I could return this contract that I signed”
0:51:25HIPAA “protected health information” for NICS, “court, board, commission, or other lawful authority”, “mental defective” definition: “marked subnormal intelligence, mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease”, Thom Hartmann: no guns for climate skeptics, Sir HMFIC on PTSD; JCD predicts “we must do more” speech; Valerie Jarrett two-thirds suicide; national SSRI figures; narcissistic Obama gun control medley, “thank you Satan”
1:13:18Producer Segment: $15M for smart gun technology, “iGun”
1:19:39Louis Farrakhan on Trump “exacerbating the race situation in America”; The View’s Joy Behar: “it’s her policies that really matter”, “they’re both dogs … but I still will vote for Bill Clinton”, JCD: “she would also be all-in for Idi Amin or Stalin”
1:26:38Köln assaults on women blamed on women by mayor, no “blanket suspicion” for migrants; CVC clobbers a Moroccan thug; ACC recommends Lilyhammer integration center subplot
1:33:53B-roll Moroccan footage in Trump’s Mexican wall ad; Bill Clinton vs Bill Cosby; dirty trick and “five thousand miles away” meme; Cruz to ABC on Hillary’s enemies, Trump flip-flops on Cruz birtherism, JCD Red Book: Trump bows out and supports Cruz
1:49:03Nora Roberts “num” on Zuckerberg home AI
1:52:00Donation Segment: Eagle Scout congratulations
2:07:43Flint, Michigan lead-contaminated water back in the news; CES hoverboards, UHD & HDR
2:12:53“H-bomb” for Kim Jong-un’s 33rd birthday, bellowing news woman iso, State Department spokeshole “many entreaties” lie; Siegfried Hecker on deterrence; JCD on obnoxious Navy captains, Kirby refuses Matt’s invitation to condemn Saudi beheadings, Saudi Foreign Minister on Iran sanctions and travel ban, Bahrain & UAE all-in, Saudi oil production way up
2:34:00UK vape license for smoking cessation, ACC: “Dexter’s gonna have a yacht”
2:36:17Lincoln statue’s missing hand; Berlin statues of Manning, Snowden, and Assange
2:37:52Payday loans thriving under big bank consolidation; ISIS takeover of Afghan drug trade
2:43:40ACC’s invitation to “cornhole with your neighbors”; JCD story compilation project, elephant gun massive bruise story; 787 early ending outrage
2:51:07Nigel Farage assassination attempt; Gary Johnson enters race
2:53:51American anger statistics; Mimi’s “coalition of haters”, JCD: “take over your towns, people!”