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787 Climate Deaths (2016-01-03)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hey, you wanna come to my bomb shelter, kids?” (1:35:25)
0:00:34JCD: “it’s a police state, why should I go out?”; Austin fireworks at 10:00
0:02:17Texas open carry begins; drunk Obama “happy New Year everybody”, gun lobby “loud and well-organized in its defense of efforluttlessly available guns”; divestiture push; University of North Dakota professor: stiff restaurant owners who allow open carry of “high-powered automatic weapons”, JCD: “it’s premeditated if you bring the card in”
0:21:02Obama’s Instagram Star Wars photos; Bush Sr.’s unwillingness to mock political opponents
0:26:08National {Mentoring, Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention, Stalking Awareness} Month
0:29:34We’re doomed in 21 days according to Al Gore; The Verge: Miami is doomed, 9.9 meter sea level rise, “Atlantis-like future”, India’s 2200 “climate deaths”; USGS maps for JCD
0:39:01“Oregon Oathers” Malheur Refuge takecover, “militia” meme, re-arrest under oddball 1996 arson = terrorism law, LZ Granderson: “could you imagine what would have happened if a black man … stood in defiance of the federal government with semi-assault rifles?”
0:46:43Tel Aviv shooting, Paris mosque ramming, Munich train station shutdowns, 3k police in NYC, “general permanent terror threat”; Munich Olympics shooting, 1975 LaGuardia bombing flashback; Brussels fireworks cancellation, car pushed into train station on YouTube, Munich “concrete information from the intelligence of a friendly country”, JCD on bomb threats
0:54:53Six-Week Cycle: Emanuel Lutchman “pressure cooker bombs and knives” plot, “mental health issues”, “a couple of FBI informants” for $25k, “mental hygiene” arrests, “machete, duct tape, ammonia, and latex gloves” Walmart purchase, ACC: “they chose the black checker”
1:04:08Producer Segment:
1:20:41State Department’s 2015 “peace and security” for Syria achievement (CotD)
1:21:56Hyperventilating Palmieri revisited on “ISIS recruiter” Trump meme “being used in social media”, “she didn’t have a particular video in mind”, Trump “starring” in new slapped-together video, “not by ISIS, as Hillary Clinton predicted”, Trump: “Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama”; al-Shabaab video for African-Americans; Howard Dean: “you just don’t mess with Bill Clinton, you’re gonna be finding yourself six feet under”
1:33:27Hillary terrorizes boy with scripted mental health question; JCD on bomb shelters
1:35:55Bill’s “fourteen??” women, JCD: “nice fabric”; new Trump ad spend, “Stradivarius” meme
1:38:49Oaksterdam University “America’s first cannabis college”; Oregon 25% tax
1:40:10NYC wireless IFB frequencies in or near the 70cm band
1:41:48First female President for Taiwan, JCD on Taiwan-China history, $12bn in arms sales
1:49:23Erdoğan extols Third Reich’s executive power, Turkey-Israel oil deal, ISIS training camps; Russia: NATO expansion a security threat, “not an inch east”, Ukraine-EU agreement
2:00:10DH Unplugged hiatus; La Vie closure, appointment callbacks, ACC: Austin “guns and bugs”
2:04:40Corsican independence; Mali-Senegal border, Muslims “do not accept the law of the state”
2:09:08Donation Segment: mile-high “solo” club
2:20:44ACC: Mexicans not up in arms over Trump deportation threats, JCD: “as opposed to those bloodthirsty Muslims”; RT on Saudi beheading-fest and Iranian backlash, US Shia-Sunni divide & conquer strategy, “civil war” oxymoron, new proxy war with Russia; riots in Bahrain
2:29:13Millennial on “obsolete” Pentagon mainframe audit: “COBOL ain’t dead”, JCD: “there is corruption afoot”, Rumsfeld 9/10 flashback, omnibus bill defense increases
2:35:26Facebook’s verified users and the police state