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786 Come Together (2015-12-31)

Show 786 album art
0:00:00ACC: “You chaps have more cheek than Kim Kardashian.” (1:10:58)
0:00:33JCD’s new gong; Tom Waits a No Agenda listener; JCD-ACC Photoshop job with Mötorhead’s Lemmy; “rampant misogyny” e-mail; Poppy Harlow MKULTRA; Texas open carry
0:10:30Brussels New Year fireworks cancelled, eight Belgian military guys’ orgy with two policewoman, Belgian plan “inspired by ISIS”, CNN: “authorities across the world on alert for terror”, “historic sites” attack plan, “not directed by ISIS”, NYC “no credible threat”, J’Johnson addresses police academy; nine-year-old stabbing a “botched ISIS audition”
0:18:01BS of the Day: Real ID Act; House Resolution 569 condemning “hateful rhetoric” toward Muslims, JCD: “the First Amendment’s got to go”; FBI in on bacon mosque “hate crime”, brick through window in dinky strip mall mosque, pulled Salon article on Muslim vandal; five years in jail for UK “emotional bullies”, JCD: “you’re not gonna wear that are you?”
0:31:05New Anonymous anti-Muslim “op”; Seinfeld & Obama, Trump as 1963 Corvette Stingray
0:34:44Financial Times: Trump “the Kim Kardashian of the political and economic world; John Dickerson’s Face the Nation objectivity on Trump’s small donors, Bush ”hasn’t spent forty million, he’s wasted forty million“, Savannah Guthrie epic fail with Clinton’s ”alleged extramarital affair“; irrelevance of Citizens United
0:42:55ACC Chi-Raq review, Lysistrata, anti-gun message, “it’s like watching CNN in a movie”
0:45:56New Mein Kampf critical edition, battle over Diary of Anne Frank copyright
0:49:05JCD 3x3: ABC D-block in-house Star Wars native ads; Disney still wheeling and dealing with Star Wars marketing; ask Adam: top three Beatles streaming hits Come Together, Let it Be, Hey Jude: anti-Trump, pro-Hillary, anti-Semitic
1:00:01Producer Segment: JCD’s semi-finished books; ACC “the Über of trains”
1:24:52New topical No Agenda CD “AGWWTF”; truther CDs in San Francisco;
1:27:07Chelsea Clinton: please “chip in”; Whole Foods product stories, “small batch”; Hillary cackle for kid’s “she deserves to … get more money than my father”; Archie Bunker and the war on men; ISIS sex slave owner’s manual: no mother-daughter trysts
1:38:34Amy Goodman on worldwide “extreme weather fueled by climate change”, tornado expert: “nothing is conclusive”, ACC: “ruh-roh”; “seems to be” overuse
1:47:10Israel miffed by White House spying on Netanyahu, Congress surveilled as side effect; Jewish demographics at large vs in Congress: 2% vs 7%; NYC penalties for using wrong pronoun, discriminatory dress codes; “front-stabbing”
1:54:34Arabic subtitles for Merkel’s New Year speech, €17bn refugee budget; more bank bail-ins
1:58:21Obama’s last-ditch Gitmo closing effort, Chicago’s Homan Square; Pentagon to be “audit-ready”, Army’s unaccounted-for $5.8bn, obsolete COBOL mainframe systems blamed
2:08:25Hillary’s Secret Service agents injured in head-on collision; journalist Naji Jerf assassinated in Turkey; Debian’s Ian Murdock suspected suicide, ACC: “it could be Rita Katz for all I know”
2:14:57Donation Segment: Dame Clyde Astrid; Thai 55 = “ha ha”
2:26:34Canadian ThothX space elevator with NASA funding; Bosch dragged into Volkswagen scandal
2:34:25Zuckerberg’s walled garden free internet shut down in India and Egypt
2:40:26New Year predictions, ACC: death of apps, JCD: cloud is dead
2:45:28Colorado nonprofit raising homelessness awareness by passing out joints
2:46:15McLaughlin Group prediction: Obama’s defining political moment skipping “Charlie Hebdo’s Magazine march”; Obama considering Pentagon plan to keep JSOC hub in Afghanistan