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783 Bernie and the Breach (2015-12-20)

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0:00:00ACC: “Usually I’m just spinning.” (0:38:15)
0:00:32voidzero’s new human resource
0:02:49Democrat debate: “Bernie and the breach”, “our staffers said, whoa, what’s goin’ on heah?”, CEO Trevelyan worked for Clinton-Gore, DNC “shut off our access to our own information”, apology to Hillary; Washington state Democrats to go with caucus process; no National Anthem, ACC: “Hillary’s outfit — it was like a burlap sack”; Hillary’s extended bathroom break, “we believe Secretary Clinton will be coming around the corner any minute”, “jack move”
0:22:40Hillary on San Bernardino: “most important job of being President”, NewsHour on #1 job; Trump “becoming ISIS’ best recruiter”, O’Malley’s Muslim friend’s kids, Clinton communications director: “not referring to a specific video”, ACC: “I’m sure Rita Katz is gettin’ the call right now”; encryption “Manhattan-like project”, confidence in “our tech experts”
0:34:44Hillary on gun manufacturer immunity; The View on majority opposition to AWB, Goldberg-Behar call and response, Whoopi: “how ‘bout an assault weapon wall?”; Hillary “no, not at all” on ground troops, “we were attacked from Afghanistan”; Sanders: “Wall Street is gonna to like me even less”, Glass-Steagall
0:47:07Trump’s mocking voice: “Putin called him brilliant, that’s not good”, “World War III, for what?”, ABC “political strongmen”; Jeb Bush #ChaosCandidate and Romney “thug Putin” tweets; CBS Muslim focus group with stooge Frank Luntz, uptick in hate crimes according to CAIR; NYT replaces paragraph on Obama’s cable TV comment to “save space” with two paragraphs, Krauthamer: “his usual professional condescension”
0:58:45Producer Segment: sloths and Zootopia; WWII shibboleth Scheveningen
1:11:57C-SPAN “if I can shit in your mouth” call-in question, coordinated truther call-ins and expensive digital delays, ACC: “dumping out is a skill”
1:15:25Bear Grylls: Obama climate plan “the most significant thing any human being has ever done to protect the earth”, Obama: “when I started looking at the science, it was indisputable”, Republicans as outliers; 2008 “genocide and disease — all of the candidates … share these goals”
1:23:05Ted Cruz’ resemblance to Green Acres shyster Mr. Haney, Joe McCarthy
1:25:49Lagarde in hot water over Adidas and RMB/SDR deals, JCD: “she looks like a baseball glove”
1:29:27Omnibus spending bill, CISA vs Star Wars, leaked White House document on “narrowly targeted” liability protections, no immunity for failure to act, over-sharing incentive, DHS NCCIC’s exclusive purview, “cat’s meow” EINSTEIN
1:39:51Tech News: cautious driverless cars vs insane humans “to keep up with the rest of us scofflaws on the highway”, new California laws, Bloomberg Betty: “but can it ever be really figured out, Keith?”, $10 timeframe bet; Juniper Networks breach via three-year-old NSA patch
1:57:44Turkish MP Eren Erden: ISIS producing sarin in Turkey, Erdoğan’s “Ottoman Hearths”
2:03:13Miss Universe predictions: Ukraine, Spain; Paris €75k fines for “too skinny” models
2:07:20Donation Segment: JCD peanut “shake shake shake”
2:17:51LifeLock class action suit; new to Austin cuisine: “micro greens”, ACC: “microveggies”
2:22:50Second Half of Show: “flat earth society” lighthouse visibility; NASA composite earth photos
2:30:26Polish demonstrations organized by yet another NGO, Jarosław Kaczyński, Nord Stream 2 Poland bypass, JCD: “has Nuland visited?”, Chicago enclaves
2:39:02Grassley on EB-5 visa extension, $500k and 10 jobs; Canadian citizenship for sale; Morning Joe on DHS visa social media memo, firewalls “to keep people from goofing off on the job”