Call Clooney!

782 Lumpy Lips (2015-12-17)

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0:00:00ACC: “Well, but do hookers have a certain walk?” JCD: “Well, yeah!” (2:25:51)
0:00:36Republican debate: camera-blocking heads in crowd, no audio from Reince Priebus, why Melania Trump has coat over shoulder, JCD: “boils”; Trump vs Citizens United, Koch Brothers; Bush “I know what I don’t know” on Putin, Trump endorsement from Putin, clueless Jeb: “insulting his way to the Presidency”; Christie all-in on shooting down Russians, “feckless” Obama meme, Rand Paul: “if you’re in favor of World War III, you have your candidate”, JCD: “what is the point of a no-fly zone?”; Carson on killing children by the thousands
0:24:15Trump on killing ISIS families, Jeb “lack of seriousness”; Santorum: “we have entered World War III”, Graham: “the next 9/11 is coming from Syria”; Joe Scarborough on Trump-Cruz deal; Cruz on carpet bombing Iraq vs Syria
0:36:00“Secret policy” to not use social media in visa screening, Kirby: “obviously, things went wrong”, “you’re not here to spend all day on Facebook” skit
0:42:34Heidi Cruz possible next target, Carolyne Heldman “fired for her thighs” story; Fiorina’s lipstick and fillers, “lumpy lips”, Christie’s disarrayed tie; Fiorina: Twitter in existence for “several years”, Fiorina’s NSA truck; Tapper on Trump Muslim ban, ACC Muslim Rorschach test, “less safe” & crazier than Cheney memes; CAIR on Islamophobia
1:03:19New Norman Lear anti-hate speech campaign; New Yorker “welcome to Canada” satire; JCD on “smoke-filled room” process and brokered convention meme, “pledged to Trump”
1:13:11Pennsylvania Walmart layaways paid off again this year
1:14:42Producer Segment
1:20:58Earnest spins Bergdahl case as Obama “no soldier left behind”; Serial season 2, approached by Mark Boal of The Hurt Locker with recorded conversations, soldier: “is he like CIA or what?”, ACC: extraction botched by Obama
1:37:00Rebel Without a Cause clip to goad ACC to watch
1:39:00Facebook, Twitter to delete anti-refugee “hate speech” in Germany, “criminal expression”; €300M for “rapid reaction team” border guard by 2020; Geldermalsen refugee center riot
1:47:36Los Angeles school closing over “credible threat”, “army of supporters”, “me and my 32 comrades”; Comey alliterated metaphor-fest, “primary tumor of terrorism”, “culture of core al-Qaeda”, “come or kill”; CNN on “gold standard” propaganda videos, Call of Duty style, “multiple takes”, “army of videographers” and al-Adnani
2:03:28Proposed South Carolina law to maximize difficulty of obtaining Viagra
2:05:34Donation Segment: Newsletter sloths
2:19:13JCD anesthetized watching Kerry: not seeking “regime change as it is known” for Assad, JCD: “I’m pleasantly floating in the air, thinking of the wizard”; Putin’s KGB “gunslinger’s gait”, JCD Brazilian Microsoft milieu story; Austin Apple Store training campus
2:28:58New “neurodiversity” school program to defund special education
2:30:11Native Ad of the Day: Chipotle “central kitchen”; Vox Media goes mainstream
2:33:0353% of New Yorkers oppose AWB; Amazon “pervasive and lethal” toy gun ban
2:36:14Ash Carter in Iraq: “this fight has to be fought; it’s for civilization, against evil”; new Trump supporter “he is resonating” and antenna theory, JCD: “play the theremin”
2:40:48J’Johnson on new NTAS propaganda “news leaks, anonymous sources”, “increased presence of law enforcement across communities in the weeks ahead”, Twitter cyberattack warning
2:48:12The Verge counts “cyber” occurrences in budget bill; CISA slipped in