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781 Gun Disease (2015-12-13)

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0:00:00JCD: (falsetto) “Ooh, where’d you get this recipe?” (0:46:57)
0:00:34JCD poetry; new Podfather claim and NPR model, Dave Winer on history of podcasting
0:03:26Journalists cheering at COP21; Obama narcissism; Amy Goodman shifts into breakneck speed; “political ecologist”; 2.7°C, ratification by Executive Order; IIGCC $3T; protesters’ “mike check”; Harrison Ford: “the planet’ll be OK, there just won’t be any damn people on it”
0:23:02deGrasse Tyson: no opposing views needed in science stories, “emergent scientific truth”; “200 years of scientific literature” and “publish in journal” memes; climate scientist John Christy calls for research “red team” funding, Germany & Japan adding coal fired power plants
0:38:47Dinner with the O-bots: George the big data guy; JCD gripes about pre-dinner waits, “I have some appetizers, it’s usually like a stuffed egg”, Carolyn denies all knowledge of dime on the Moon; Trump passport meme; museum curator’s traumatic border checkpoint experience
0:57:51Justin Trudeau greets refugees to be housed on air force base
1:00:41CBS CEO Leslie Moonves on campaign spending: “go Donald”; producer note on “Trump’s lies”; Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! anti-Trump tear, “maybe he just meant he’s never leaving the white race”; Trump on Cheneythe extremist; Whoopi: “I think maybe he should be on the watch list”; Hillary: gun grab “totally untrue”, Trump “no longer think he’s funny” meme
1:18:43New editor in chief at The Economist; Dutch Trump “nothing but disaster” headline, journalist Michiel Vos: “slogans all the time”, Vos married to Nancy Pelosi’s daughter; BBC “democratic secret agent” conspiracy theory; WSJ mob connections story, Trump dirty trick; “we gotta knock the shit out of these people”; Anonymous Trump Towers web site takedown
1:34:44Producer Segment
1:40:35JCD requests Christmas-themed jingles, beer sound effect
1:42:14“Gasps were heard inside the Supreme Court” over Scalia’s “less advanced” school for black students comment, “Twitter ignited”, last year’s Clarence Thomas opinion ignored
1:49:49Blumenthal: “up in arms” over 30k flu cases, “epidemic of gun death and gun disease”; Josh Earnest on “scrubbing the rules”, record-breaking Black Friday NICS number a “tragic irony”, “proliferation of violent weapons of war has not led to fewer gun deaths” lie; Comey clueless on internet gun sales: “I assume it’s shipped to you, but I don’t know for sure, actually”
2:01:05Man finds his stolen truck for Santa Cruz police; Marina DUI checkpoint success measured by number of cars stopped; “am I free to go” skit
2:06:06Eric Schmidt NYT op-ed: build tools to censor internet, ACC: “heil!”; “fear guides”, Obama: “in recent weeks our stikes have taken out the ISIL finance chief”, ACC: “we killed the CFO!”
2:14:19Enrique Marquez 2012 plot with Syed Farook; DHS official utterly unprepared for House hearing; passport printing machine and blanks stolen in Syria; Ukraine art theft scandal dud
2:28:53Donation Segment: .223 ammo information from producers
2:38:04Second Half of Show: Kubrick fake moon landing hoax a promo for Moonwalkers
2:42:44Boston commuter train takes off without operator; Linzie “duckface” Janis
2:44:20Putin to military: “act tough”; Turkey claims ethnic cleansing; IED in Homs
2:46:42Austin hate; Trump support up; National Enquirer “spot a terrorist”; Dr. Drew on clock boy
2:54:37Kirby loses his shit on Gayane Chichakyan: “another ridiculous question”
2:57:21Friends of the Earth guy: developed nations “grown fat and rich from carbon pollution”
2:58:51Where in the World is Victoria Kagan Nudelman: Georgia; Taliban infighting, AUMF
3:01:49Note from high school freshman: CNN “gem” on danger from North Korea