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780 Dustbin of History (2015-12-10)

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0:00:00ACC: “Is that right before or after my vape explodes and blows my teeth out?” (2:43:22)
0:00:33El Niño; Katie Perry UNICEF weather report; trigger warning outro
0:03:47Katie Turd on Trump Muslim ban, Obama MLK “freedom of others”, proposed British Trump ban, Stephanopoulos “so you’re for internment camps??”, Josh Earnest: “disqualifies him from serving as President”, St. Petersburg mayor’s proposed Trump ban; recently-overturned HIV ban, Chinese Exclusion Act, Earnest “dustbin of history” quality, “fake hair”
0:18:52Jeffrey Toobin: not Constitutional; JCD on “awful and Constitutional”; J.K. Rowling Voldemort tweet, Trump’s “radicalized” London areas, Amy Goodman name-drops Marine Le Pen
0:28:50Gaffney’s CSP surveys “will be recognized as a hate group in the coming year”; anti-Trump Boris Johnson; pig head at mosque; CAIR: Trump “playing into the hands of ISIS”
0:36:33ACC Christopher Buckley “stupid internet” story; Goodman: all attackers Belgian or French, Teju Cole “dangerous clown” post; Brokaw editorializes on internment camps; Flashpoint’s Evan Coleman: crazies “surrounding mosques with assault rifles”, “I hear the word Jew
0:49:25Trump: “stop calling them masterminds”, see Bill Gates about “closing that internet up”
0:52:29Producer Segment: JCD’s breath work theremin clip
1:06:40Comey on 109 encrypted messages to “overseas terrorist” in Garland, blame DHS, “good news” on encryption, “unlock” ambiguity, “government doesn’t want a back door” lie, “business model question”; Comey-Obama NICS check vs watch list; San Bernardino shooters “courting or dating online”, K-1 visa; building to “remain closed indefinitely”; .223 ammo debate
1:23:22Trudeau: “we stand behind our screening process”, JCD on gun vs auto deaths
1:28:57New Shit Has Come to Light: Hillary e-mail spelling out imminent danger in Benghazi
1:31:2465 country list found; Ash Carter: “have to do more in Libya”, “rebranding” as ISIL, “little patches of ISIL”; McCaul: “terrorist group on the match”, new DHS threat scale, “if you see that your child is on the internet, you have to ask yourself, should I talk to the authorities?”
1:41:26Richard Dear in court: Batman shooter’s lawyer; Cecile Richards on “hateful rhetoric”
1:50:23NHK on Chinese in Africa; The Professor’s Facebook Post: D.C. vs Heller; next O-bot dinner
1:58:26Donation Segment
2:12:25Jung’s “enanteodromea” applied to millennial entitlement; Yale Halloween pushback professor resigns; ACC: “unfortunate aviation incident” for Trump, Hillary sleeping through meetings, Tuesday debate numbers, “uneducated” Trump supporter poll; Every Student Succeeds Act passes in Senate; Burnt Toast Podcast “onions caramelizing” iso; Lebanon Valley College students demand name change for Lynch Memorial Hall
2:26:30COP21 36k attendance, new 2°C figure, war on meat; Kerry’s “extraordinary signal” for marketplace, “legitimate concerns that the sea will swallow their nations”, “mobilize climate finance”; Democracy Now on deniers writing white papers for hire; Patrick Moore on anti-science Greenpeace; Kerry: “it’s happening faster than scientists predicted it would”, “cockamamie ideological hypothetical”, Flat Earth Society; Elon Musk: enact carbon tax
2:40:25Hoverboard Li-ion battery fires, “it’s on fire!” package, ACC’s trash chute forays
2:44:23Ask Adam: 13th Amendment anniversary and Obama MLK “bigotry in all its forms”
2:45:39RT on European vaccine shortage and refugee diseases, Lisbon Treaty public health arrest powers, proposed “rapid response border control force” for Greece, ACC: “FEMA camps”
2:49:55“Jeb bush has been hacked” via redirect,
2:51:26Incoherent Daisy Ridley Star Wars “sensory overload” clip; ACC reading The Power of Myth