Call Clooney!

77 Hot Vegetarian Chicks & Other Deep Thoughts (2009-03-05)

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0:00:38ACC back from France trip in CVC’s Twingo, in-progress Chunnel repairs, flash photography forbidden, Home Secretary “Jackboot Jackie”; Michael Jackson en route to O2 Arena to announce new tour details; California Supreme Court to hear Proposition 8 gay marriage case
0:05:31Bank of England reduces interest rate to 0.5%, printing money “quantitative easing”; Obama calls snow day on meeting with Gordon Brown, Pelosi snowed out of Al Gore global warming conference, Obama snub, joint session of Congress speech lauding “partnerships of purpose”, JCD on US hatred of British until being propagandized into WWI; $30bn AIG bailout a bailout of Europe; San Francisco Express article on Savings & Loan scandal and Nancy Pelosi campaign beneficiary of Charles Keating “mob”; FDIC Chair Sheila Bear admits to running out of money, squeezing small community banks; G20+2 coming up
0:20:10Financial Times: Gordon Ramsay in financial hot water; Dutch to raise retirement age and put housewives to work, JCD: “hey, let’s go get some more of that peasant farmer’s money!”; US farmers underwater on grain commodities, Obama potentially yanking farming subsidies; Dow down 27 upon start of show, down 3.3% on the day
0:26:38ACC’s Final Cut Pro classmates with sore butts, time for a standing desk renaissance, JCD on sitting back from monitor, becoming far-sighted later in life, top 40 radio stand-up tradition; JCD’s legacy 20k Dow prediction, 1990 price levels, unprecedented “20-year down cycle”
0:33:57“Shadow puppet theater”: Obama introduces HHS’ Kathleen Sebelius and White House Office of Health Reform’s Nancy-Ann “big pharma” DeParle; Bush 43 “soldiers as props” criticism absent, JCD: “Stephen Spielberg of presidents”; new graph, $830M for NOAA
0:42:03Peter van Vollenhoeven story from Show 76 picked up by Dutch media, top 40 morning
shows calling ACC at 7:00 am, Patricia amused; Turkish Airlines 1591 crash, engine stall vs air speed stall, data recorder altimeter malfunction at 2,000 feet, engines set to idle, landing gear warning, chairman implies Boeing problem, two previous instances of altimeter malfunction, ACC: pilot error, “without air speed you’re dead”, JCD on Chatsworth engineer blamed for texting, “if ever hear a pilot say watch this … you know it’s all over”; class action lawsuit
0:54:37Daily Show mock CNBC interview of Allen Stanford, “what’s it like to be a billionaire?”; PETA sexiest vegetarian next door contest, JCD: “Amanda, age 23, all tattooed up like Amy Weinstein”, “I do like the girl who can’t stand up”; JCD on pre-crash CNBC interview bashing author for predicting Lehman Brothers collapse; low oil prices spell trouble for Venezuela, Frontline Caesar Chavez show, Bolivia’s Evo Morales kicking DEA out of country, JCD story: using coca leaves in the Andes for altitude sickness, ACC predicts marijuana can never be legal anywhere in US, JCD on bogus low price argument against tax revenue
1:09:08The War of the Bins show, draconian British trash/recycling enforcement; JCD on bottle bill “tax”, CALPIRG petition-bearers, Patricia’s idea to sell recyclables as community
1:16:45Morgellons skin condition, CDC epidemiological study and grant to Kaiser Permanente, JCD: “sounds like something from The X-Files, ”delusional parasitosis“; JCD on MRSA menace
1:22:26Obama drinking beer at basketball game without Gordon Brown; Ukraine unable to pay gas bill, Latvia teetering on edge of bankruptcy, UK car companies seeking bailout
1:24:45No Agenda Library/Winery, $100k for board seat; impending control by World Bank, San Francisco papers turning down Craigslist; Gordon Brown’s standing ovations
1:31:52Outro: Bermuda coral roof erratum, kicked out of Kyrghistan, Latvian “summer of shoes”