Call Clooney!

779 Peak Coffee (2015-12-06)

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0:00:00ACC: “Whadd’ya think of Megyn’s new hairdo, with it kind of tied back?”
JCD: (falsetto) “Love it!” (0:32:21)
0:00:35Trigger warnings to end in January
0:02:45Jeanine Pirro: “number one: get a gun”; breaking: Oval Office address; NYT front page editorial, “weapons of mass killing”; The Professor’s Facebook Post: “I find it interesting you are defending the 2nd Amendment”,; NYT “slaughter of innocents”; Obama: “fourteen families whose hearts are broken”, widow: “he’s very upset”; Feinstein: “open stores, guns on display everywhere”, “society that has kind of bought in to the Kool-aid”
0:25:16Boxer’s oath to “protect and defend the American people”; Alison Parker’s father on “thoughts and prayers”, ACC: “love and light”, politicians “acting in a treasonous fashion”; no-fly list “loophole”, Rubio due process reminder; Trump on Parisians with guns “on their shins”; JCD: “you see people coming in in ninja costumes it’s not an average workplace violence”; Sahar Aziz: not ISIS, breaking news: it’s ISIS; Andrea Mitchell on “anti-Muslim rhetoric”; guns and magazines illegal in California, JCD: how many shooting victims do you know; Erin Burnett: postpartum psychosis; JCD: Mimi explaining memes, council run update
0:47:00Former FBI on CNN: attack had “nothing to do with climate change”; Melissa Harris-Perry on Muslim “double standard”; Gates back to PBS, FBI and “digital fingerprints”, al-Baghdadi Facebook post, Comey: “no indication that they are part of a network”, “no links” meme; FBI: “stupid” to have gotten rid of NSA; SUV blacked-out windows illegal in California, multiple SUVs; apartment opened to press; Loretta Lynch at Muslim Advocates Dinner: “investigations into acts of anti-Muslim hatred, including rhetoric, and bigoted actions” mod’s “fascination with propaganda”, pellet gun stats; apartment destruction of evidence; FBI guy: “fight with aggression” as last resort; JCD: 130k US schools; British “run, hide, and tell”; London tube “for Syria” knife attack, “Britain has just begun launching terror attacks on ISIS”, JCD: “if you see something sell something”
1:29:21Producer Segment: JCD’s restaurant review show “amazing” barrage; ACC producer tips
1:41:19ACC’s MKULTRA breath work session in San Antonio; Russian history professor
1:47:45Mike Morell bell-ringing “right”-fest, “what are the consequences, right?”; “that’s bogus” iso
1:57:15Douglas Murray on Yale crybullies: “you’re a useless person”, “if you don’t want to sleep with Caitlyn Jenner you’re an even bigger bigot”; Brendan O’Neill at Oxford Union Society on “right to offend”, “duty to offend”; Chinese anonymous question-answering app for schools
2:09:49Kerry: Assad may stay in power temporarily; Russian history professor: Putin will help Assad retire; Signal call to ACC from Ukraine on upcoming scandal
2:17:41Five FIFA officials plead guilty, sixteen more indicted; fourth attack on MSF facility
2:19:53COP21 draft, ACC: “these guys are nowhere near a deal”; “peak coffee”; Schwarzenegger: “there’s no scriptwriting”; Modi opts out; hybrid energy bicycle (CotD)
2:27:31Donation Segment
2:34:49NYT on Trump linguistic analysis, Republican Jewish Coalition speech “you as businesspeople” called out as anti-Semitism; Trump on hillary’s corruption and incompetence, “she responded to her friends, you know the friends we’re talking about”
2:41:03JCD on Saudi Arabia maintaining oil production; Biden to address Ukrainian Parliament
2:45:50ACC back in the Dutch gossip rags; tear gas in Kosovo Parliament; Dresden refugee protests; US pilots lasered in Okinawa