Call Clooney!

778 Long Gun (2015-12-03)

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0:00:00ACC: “Who’s that one A-hole?!” (1:46:38)
0:00:35JCD’s 100% chance of rain; “Satanic message” trigger warning
0:02:31San Bernardino shooting: BBC: “just another day in the United States of America”; Colorado Springs “baby parts” shooting; Syed Farook brother-in-law’s press conference set up by CAIR; Obama to Norah O’Donnell: no guns if you’re on the no-fly list, JCD on frequency meme, one-week cycle, Charlie Rose girds his loins; bodies still in building; Paul Ryan on no-fly list and due process, Gail: “it keeps happening, it keeps happening”; Farook’s recent Hajj visit to Saudi Arabia; criminologist Casey Jordan: “it was a holiday party, it may have been offensive to him”, “terrorism and disgruntled employee can be a mashup”; Matt Lauer’s “cell” question
0:25:34JCD on police practice: “you don’t get sued by a dead man”; nearby training exercise, regular active shooter training; “long guns”, “boom boom boom” guy with brain disease, guy with Masonic hat, father-daughter and “pray for us” memes, “my d… my loved one is safe”, “far too often” meme, police chief spells shooters’ names; real-time police radio, DoD or EOD, “massive mi… police presence”, “multiple soldiers … multiple police officers”, “that’s a detective?”; more hiding daughters who saw nothing; matching wounded with locked-down hospitals, “curtains covering them”, ACC: “guaranteed this place is rubblized within a year”
0:48:24“Tased” Catherine Herridge on Colorado shooting “carbon copy”, FBI and ATF on scene; J’Johnson family gifts from Qatari officials, “to avoid embarrassment to the donor and the US government”; Eagles of Death Metal song San Bernadino Sunburn predicts Amarillo and Dallas as next targets
0:56:48Producer Segment
1:12:51“They seen bodies on the floor”, fire department triage area, “long guns”
1:17:05Planned Parenthood shooting as “six cycles per week”, “baby parts” meme, ACC organization “rolled out everybody, John”, Vicki Cowart on rhetoric “much of which is false in nature”, Pooper on shooter’s “anti-government views”, Cecile Richards on “hateful rhetoric”, “rhetoric” definition, leaders’ “responsibility to think about the words they use”; Larry Wilmore Fox “baby parts” montage; AK-47 meme; Ruth Marcus: “when you use inflammatory rhetoric you inflame people”; Obama: “this just doesn’t happen in other countries”; “toxic” meme
1:39:49Obama and Bill Nye attribute Paris terror attack to climate change, ACC: “they were French nationals, ya douche!”; low-energy Obama on “global consensus”, new 99.5% number, $2.2T carbon budget, “fish are swimming through the middle of the streets” in Miami; divestment call for Bill Gates, “call out the deniers” campaign, JCD on divestiture to boost dividends, uptalker: “rogue industry” (CotD); fired French meteorologist hired by RT
2:09:06Crybully demands for Lewis & Clark College; Oklahoma Wesleyan University President’s “this is not a day care” letter; irony: calling Trump narcissistic on Facebook
2:19:08Donation Segment
2:25:47Ballmer “bullshit” on cloud revenue numbers; brain professor’s Facebook post in Islamophobia invoking 1930’s Germany, debunked religion vs altruism study
2:34:29Ash Carter: “we’re at war”; the mysterious 65 nations; Carter’s “virtual… virtuous cycle” from unilateral force, “we’re going to win” in response to “are we winning?”; Vladimir “Putler”, Russia accuses Erdoğan of smuggling ISIS oil, State Department: nothing to see here, Russia bans Soros; British airstrikes begin after vote; McCaul: “foreign fighters” in Paris, more funding for DHS, Schiff: “resource challenges”; Carter on retaking Sinjar