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777 Pop-Up Terrorism (2015-11-29)

Show 777 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Turkey’s long overdue for rubblization.” (1:50:14)
0:00:33Cold in San Antonia; “trigger” trigger warning; “little pink pill” a flop; 776.5 a success; new “my hand is dripping wet” juice clip; heritage turkey adventures
0:09:01Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting; overuse of “scene”; attacker’s “baby parts”
0:14:46Protests in London over bombing in Syria; Chicago Laquan McDonald protests, “professional stare-down artist” Lamon Reccord, Megyn Kelly: “it’s not a question of what his constitutional rights are, it’s a question of what’s appropriate”, JCD’s clove of garlic, Jesse Jackson comes to town, Rahm Emanuel skit, teachers unions; “police coming forward with information” gaffe
0:25:28Worldwide COP21 protests, Prince Charles “absolutely” on link between refugees and climate change, “this is one thing I can do” millennial New Zealander; Obama on Paris as “powerful rebuke”; Brisbane mining protests, Manila protests “to allow the Phillipines to stay above sea level” (CotD); Obama on “climate finance”, $62bn target reached, “smart investment”
0:35:29Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance, Climate Investor One fund, “large single check to fund construction”, “climate resilient technologies”, “cutting-edge climate finance instruments”; Todd Stern: “we’re looking for something that is not binding”; GILCF African members, AIDS deaths in teens way up, “long-term foreign exchange risk management instrument”; Tokyo protests over climate change extinctions; TCX fund
0:58:37Producer Segment
1:09:55Tulsi Gabbard: “the US and the CIA should stop this illegal and counterproductive was to overthrow the Syrian government”; Mossad front Vocativ on “Iraqi Rambo” Abu Azrael
1:27:26Mike Morell gleefully explains not destroying oil tankers, “environmental damage”, Steven Warren: “they ran out of ammunition before they were able to do that”; Obama’s “pop-up terrorism”, “the media needs to help in this”, “they’re a bunch of killers with good social media”; Obama blames intelligence “shaded by politics”, the elusive 65 countries
1:42:06Kurt Eichenwald on pre-Iraq Bush-Chirac phone call: “Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East”, Imam: Gog and Magog are European Jews, JCD: “Victoria Nuland: Magog!”, Nuland headed to Turkey; Russia-Turkey border closing and economic sanctions over warplane “downing”; Assad interview on Hong Kong television; Chinese dissent crackdown
1:54:33Feinstein on encryption: “black web”, Playstation, bombs that can “explode a plane”
1:57:33Donation Segment
2:15:43Hilarity on Good Morning America with Jeff Bezos’ successful Blue Origin launch
2:18:48Second Half of Show: “a mouse has been found on Mars”
2:19:58Sports news: LSU Tigers coach singing alma mater
2:21:46KTLA GMO salmon native ad fail: “why would you eat something modified?”, skit
2:24:26UnitedHealth profit margins down, danger of leaving exchanges, ACC: too big to fail?
2:27:31ACC’s proposed Dvorak’s law corollary: “the hookers also get younger”; BBC on refugees at Greece-Macedonia border with mouths sewn shut
2:31:07Gen. John Campbell on MSF hospital attack: “human and process error”, “appropriate administrative and disciplinary action”, ACC’s JAG lawyer infiltration rumor
2:35:38New millennial term trypophobia “fear of objects with small holes”; Sherry Turkle on empathy reduction in presence of phone; more millennials living at home “since the Great Depression”
2:45:55Erdo─čan the Mussolini-esque speech-screamer, WWIII; Operation Hornet’s Nest creating ISIS, Daesh as slur; Crimean power grid attack