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776 Climate Justice Cancelled (2015-11-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “We are just inundated with propaganda that we’re going to be attacked any minute!” ACC: “Yes.” (0:58:25)
0:00:36News outlets phoning it in for Thanksgiving week
0:02:22Mokhtar Belmokhtar resurrected for Mali hotel attack, Atlantic Council’s Rudolph Atallah: Al-Mourabitoun group, Nick Turse to Democracy Now on American interest in Africa: “difficult to say for sure”; Washington Post video “inside the surreal of Islamic State’s propaganda machine”: “medieval reality show”, “previous jobs in news organizations, media organizations, software companies”, “the organizations reach is, if anything, expanding”; No Agenda tip: memorize the Shahada or Mohammad’s wife’s name
0:21:06Robert Gates: Obama should seek help from tech companies on “highly sophisticated encryption devices”, Greenwald: NYT editorial calls Brennan “a pathological and inveterate liar”; King Abdullah to Charlie Rose: “this is a third world war by other means”
0:35:28Millennials OK with censorship; “my liberal students terrify me” article; Princeton students protest Woodrow Wilson, the war on “master”, challenging students’ beliefs now off limits; King Abdullah’s education, trips to San Francisco; ACC’s Jordanian Über driver: can easily turn into Syria; Biden fills in for Obama in podcast, rebuttal by retired USAF Martha McSallie: “those attacks could have happened here”
0:53:58Mali hotel peace negotiation; Robert Kagan WSJ editorial “The Crisis of World Order”; Jeb Bush calls for no-fly zone and ground troops; Putin’s giant monitor full of Skype windows, puppy for France to replace Diesel the dog
1:04:09Producer Segment
1:13:48Presidential Thanksgiving proclamation; JCD Maker’s Mark sweet potato recipe
1:25:26Obama drunk or not drunk in Malaysia: “the United States will be rele’less”
1:26:20Refugee crisis: border controls tightened in the Balkans, Greek riot police; Godwin’s law: Nicholas Kristof parallels Syrian refugees with Jews in 1939, “shameful”; Saudi Arabian Twitter ISIL supporters, Hillary calls out Saudis at CFR; Gülen-linked political contributions, on Kelly Ayotte: “he’s a good guy”; Saudi outraged by Hillary skit, ACC: “gimme Bill … Allahu akbaaar!”; hawala money brokering system, ACC: “why don’t they use Bitcoin?”
1:42:13Reuters pushing Telegram app again; Putin: ISIL funded by 40 countries including G-20, $1M revenue per day from “hard to track” oil; Brussels on lockdown, porous borders and “military-grade” weapons in Paris; “coincidental” Paris drill, “like Call of Duty”; preparing for chemical attack with “military grade atropine”; Captagon the jihadi amphetamine, Trey Gowdy: “premedicated, premeditated depravity”
2:03:01Donation Segment
2:12:36Jonathan Pollard released after 30-year sentence for spying for Israel
2:16:11Christiana Figueres’ February anti-capitalism remarks finally unearthed; climate justice (march) cancelled; Jim Inhofe: “no binding agreement from COP21” according to Kerry; Obama scaring Malaysian children with “the carbon emissions we send in”, “feedback loop”; Star Wars mac & cheese “room of lies” advertisement, ad agency skit; mealworm farm Kickstarter, high-end grasshopper hamburger, soy sauce “bug juice”
2:37:14Merkel in a bad odor with Bavarian CSU; lines of refugees to the horizon not show by MSM
2:41:04ACC received Lima NAS dongle, software “not ready for prime time”