Call Clooney!

776.5 No Agenda Funnies (2015-11-26)

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0:00:00ACC: “Tape is running.”
JCD: “Tape!”
0:00:33Not the first third party Thanksgiving show; JCD on Sir Cyber’s “genius compilation”
0:04:30Trigger warning: “however, your anal leakage is fresh”
0:04:43JCD “feet in the water” dramatic reading; “you’ll love your super cool smaller plate”; PSKmale PSKmail; Sharpton “asstick”; other podcasts; coughing reporter in Istanbul, “big meeting tonight” skit; Sharpton “obstreck”; Pat Leahy drunk or not drunk; “don’t raff” (CotD)
0:14:47ACC describes spin class; stop ACC from singing; George Michael’s career-ending video; “he’s a constitutional lawyah!”; ACC: “we haven’t positioned Anderson Pooper yet”; cruise missile up the ass; “taser taser taser!”; Kim Novak the muppet; Nuland handing out per diems
0:18:41JCD’s skunk awareness week; prison prep; “you sound like a Dutch retard”; donkey show; Robert Redford’s crusty lips; “they do not highjacks taxis”; Alvin Holmes: “she gonna have a little black baby”; more Dutch practice; can’t win by throwing pancakes; ACC’s Grey Poupon
0:28:50Bitcoin Bonanza; No Agenda Kids; men need one room; RuPaul’s testicles; idiotic Miss America 2011 Q&As, Teresa Scanlon’s religious gesture (JCDPPotD); salami code of practice; Julia Gillard’s sandwich dodge; Bill Clinton’s love child with a hooker
0:43:30Bill dies in the saddle; naming your kid Rand; Karl Lagerfeld: this is my wife Fluffy; Dutch plasser; banker Charles Plosser; Loretta Sanchez F-35 rambling, Caitlin Upton Miss Teen USA 2007 rambling; Murder in the Chatroom; Obama’s “modest encroachments”
0:53:27Idiotic Miss USA 2013 Q&As
1:06:45Donation Segment (sort of)
1:08:14FBI purchasing ham radio equipment; James Manning “go to Hell” rant; Alex Jones on BBC; Holder: “violence spikes in some of our greatest citicies”; South Korean never heard of foot-and-mouth; Sharpton “skillets and iced tea”; Manning on munchies; Dvorak’s law on Wikipedia
1:19:22Ninjas for Putin; JCD hates A4 paper; centrifuge him!; Obama epic stammer Mk I; Obama epic stammer Mk II; JCD: “the guy on PBS is an idiot!”; ACC: “are you proud of me mom?”; JCD’s mother’s microwave, “it sparks!”; John C for “cash” Dvorak; ACC’s lava-lava
1:37:01Schumer goes Lucifer on Snowden; producer: JCD the Zionist shill; mac & cheese plus cat food; John McLaughlin’s drug addict 11k crimes (CotD); Sharpton: Cruz “US Senator from birth”; Manning: “we gave him everything, and the nigga failed”
1:48:30Kerry: “ninety, I think to be precise, maybe slightly shorter”, Putin calls Kerry a liar; Syrian ambassador: “where is this Barack Obama?”; jiggle the handle; McCain horny for “heavy weapons”; McCain giddy for “stacks of dead bodies without a mark on them”
1:56:09PBS porcupine handjob; Greenwald’s thumb drive suppository; Disney Jr. salute to military; ass cream with bear fillings; JCD Tahoe motorcycle hypothermia story; Miss Philippines USA 2013 “seeing is believing” fail; Willie the Weasel “yeah yeah yeah”
2:05:52Silk Road “heyyy, man, this stuff was nasty!”; Obama pardons turkeys Mac and Cheese; Republicans as major storms (CotD); JCD: “like us on Facebook!”; JCD on rendering kale edible, “have more kale”
2:10:09Bacon and kale now ironically incompatible because of cancer scare
2:11:06Outro, JCD: “the goal of being funny is to get the other guy not to notice”