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775 Fear is the Product (2015-11-19)

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0:00:00ACC: “Ohooo yah!”
0:00:32JCD’s “sauerkraut time”; SlaveSpeak trigger warning; history of printer drivers
0:06:16Schweppes can bomb in Dābiq Magazine; 60 Minutes’s John Miller on ISIS video “nudge”, “the product is fear”, video “discovered” by SITE Intelligence Group, “quickly put together” issue, ACC: “you would be proud if this was our No Agenda Newsletter”, Miller’s “diagram” lie, ABC’s exploding plane B-roll, Under My Sharia Law jingle, “long-range Bomburs” iso
0:25:55Reporters flocking in Paris, Amanpour on Paris “stoking the fires” of anti-refugee sentiment; Nuland’s recent doings, Obama: “if they think that somehow their advisors are better than the Chairman of my Joint Chiefs of Staff … I wanna meet ’em”, ACC: “it’s a think tank war”; RT on Putin’s air escalation, greeting French “as allies”, “heavy-duty” hardware including White Swan fighter, targeting oil convoys; Gayane Chichakyan on new US copycat bombing
0:50:11Hollande extends state of emergency, Article 42.7, ACC: “the Netherlands is looking for the bullet as we speak”, Feinstein pushes Article 5, “they have apps”, “we’re going to have to look at some new teams, new themes”; France’s Russia vs NATO decision; Kalashnikov ban
1:01:10Chris Christie: “ISIS is now a global threat”, Brennan on ISIS attacks: “that is an inevitability for at least as far as the eye can see”, 2009 Feinstein “three to six months” clip; Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Josh Earnest squabble over “words matter”, ACC: “he hasn’t slept and he’s on coke”; Obama “two brothers and a crock pot”; triacetone triperoxide “mother of Satan”
1:10:47Donation Segment: new Hillary e-mails, Huma: “she’s often confused”; jingle app
1:24:00Hillary campaign upset over Laugh Factory “divorce Bill, and then you marry a bitch” routines, right wing talk radio ignores content; Farage: “Saudi Arabia is funding this extreme ideology”
1:32:2733 Governors ban Syrian refugees, Ben Rhodes on vetting process, “women and children, orphans”, Lynch and Comey on lack of reliable data, Peter King: “why people like Ben Rhodes continue to say this is beyond me”, Brennan “melting plot”; Whoopi on The View: “Hitler was a Christian”
1:40:48New Polish Minister for European Affairs says no to quotas; “mini-Schengen”; Brexit vote
1:46:25Air France bomb threats, J’Johnson’s “you will obey” voice, ask Adam: where’s the NSA?
1:49:58Anonymous ISIS Twitter “takedowns”; CNN’s definition of encryption: “conversations chopped up into a jumble by mathematical algorithms”, Telegram messages that “self-destruct”, “use Tor, which is of course the dark net”; WSJ on “tech tutorials” ranking app security courtesy of SITE; ISIS security via Gameboy, Benghazi Eve Online communications; “on your knees, show me your back” in English; ACC: Oslo next up, JCD: Eiffel tower left lit up
2:09:56Producer e-mail on odd nationwide electrical grid drill; South Park on native advertising
2:16:07Donation Segment
2:25:35Second Half of Show: ACC & TtK investigate the Marfa Lights
2:29:40Brennan blames climate change for refugees; Oren Cass testifies about the $2.5T India claims it needs; Thom Hartmann on Exxon investigation, bogus cigarette company analogy
2:46:26FCC wants CALEA authority to shut down web sites
2:48:22Gates Foundation $120M Family Planning 2020 grant
2:49:53Democracy Now: Ben Carson “struggling to comprehend foreign policy”, Judy flummoxed by “he’s not my advisor”, Carson: “I know a lot more than I knew a year from now”
2:54:03Chinese Tesla knockoff Faraday Future; Spanish arrest warrant for Netanyahu; $1.29bn weapons deal with Saudi Arabia, 150 executions this year