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774 Morally Defunct (2015-11-15)

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0:00:00JCD: “You’d be there for days trying to find your passport!” (1:07:05)
0:00:33ACC in Marfa TX, heard about Paris attacks on 80M net
0:04:44Paris attacks: government unpreparedness meme, “the French have very good intelligence”, Geraldo’s network numbering “scores”; four GIGN officers killed, Tom Clancy Rainbow Six; anti-encryption meme; “soft targets”, Kalashnikov meme, convenient passport, odd choice of venues; Mike Rogers on border closing & refugees, border closing continuity problem, ACC: “there’s not … a big train crossing gate that comes down”, airport still open; crazy theories: 1307 Knights Templar killings, The Economist cover, American band at musical venue new Charlie Hebdo; “sophisticated attack” meme; Bataclan music hall ownership
0:27:29ACC: “who did this, we’re never gonna find out”, NATO’s Operation Gladio, ex-CIA Operation Pundit crowd on CNN, “there’s no question about that: they live among us”, Buck Sexton on “essence of terror”, U2 cancellation, Philip Mudd on probable “support network”; Obama: “attack on all of humanity”, Rand Paul war bill, NATO Article 5, Hollande invokes Daesh, Obama “shoulder to shoulder … time and again”, ACC: “freedom fries, anybody?”, icon changers all-in, Obama “pursuit of happiness” ad-lib; unfortunate “we have contained them” gaffe; Obama ISIL/Daesh transition, Putin lockout
0:51:39Pope Francis on “piece by piece” World War III; ISIS responsibility claim from SITE, suicide belt “strategy shift”; recent Brennan visit, drill in progress; Michael Weiss: “you deposit your passport to the ISIS HQ in Raqqa”; JCD: good time to visit Paris; COP21 publicity
1:14:43Producer Segment
1:28:02Sweden “#1 rape capital of Europe” Youtube video; new Norwegian Arctic “reception center”
1:31:37ACC: “cry-bullies”, “physically and emotionally unsafe” students, fundamental “right to move through the world unharassed”, “white privilege in the ability to make this conversation about the threat to freedom of speech”; Alan Dershowitz to Megyn Kelly on “free speech for me, not for thee” on campus, “fog of fascism”; South Park “In My Safe Space”
1:42:10The Real explores safety of cell phone RF, ACC’s RF burns
1:46:53ACC’s Marfa adventures: McDonald Observatory tour, hot astronomers, off-spec Hubble; Buns N’ Roses quonset hut, Building 98 Rotary get-together; Turkish rug-seller afraid to return to Turkey under Erdoğan, JCD’s Afghan war rug
2:06:25Joanna Lee found guilty for fake Boston bombing injuries
2:09:16JCD’s “unneeded wordage” glossary page,, upcoming “amazing” medley
2:16:40Donation Segment
2:26:16Marfa’s high gas prices; JCD unimpressed by ACC’s ten-meter telescope rotation video
2:28:07ACC: Democratic debate a “television catastrophe”; Sanders: “climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism”; Trump Fort Dodge attack on Ben Carson, Shields and Gerson perplexed on NewsHour, “Trump was vile and vulgar and vicious and morally deformed”
2:36:29Bataclan venue sold to Qatar-linked Lagardère Group on 9/11 2015
2:37:30Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Hillary’s claim to have applied to Marines: “why on earth are we talking about this?”; Ash Carter’s assistant Ron Lewis fired for misconduct
2:42:21Charlie Rose “suppose, suppose, suppose …” Snowden had contacted NYT editor, “I would have given him a back massage”; Aung San Suu Kyi to “wield actual power”
2:45:31AT&T wins $3bn EINSTEIN 3a contract, JCD: “AVG Free”
2:49:07Executive Order freeing up funds for DoD “humanitarian” activity in Syria