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773 All Juice & No Seeds (2015-11-12)

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0:00:00JCD: “No.” ACC: “Huh! It’s our buddy!” (1:52:17)
0:00:33JCD on dirty BNSF trains; new No Agenda trigger warnings
0:03:32Republican debate: Trump/Eisenhower “Operation Wetback”, bracero program, Trump to Mika: “you’re going to have a deportation force”, ACC: “why don’t you just hand out armbands?”; Kasich interruptions; Fiorina’s F-Russia actions “right under his nose”
0:16:41Ben Carson hit job, Marc Lamont Hill on self-made Carson, “you didn’t build that” meme, Ifill’s nervous cackle, Hillary defense, The View on Carson’s book and The Cat in the Hat; JCD on farsightedness in women, Rose flirts with Gisele Bündchen; humor predicting dementia
0:30:36Rand Paul interrupted on no-fly zone, Trump booed for “why does she keep interrupting everybody?”; ACC on lousy venue; Rubio: “the most important any of us will ever do is the job of being President” and Hillary “ban the box” comment; ask Adam: Rubio extolls military might; NBC offers time slots for Saturday Night Live; Trump “keep going you dummies”; Bush can’t answer a yes-no question, Cruz sugar subsidy gripe; Progress 127’s Michelangelo Signorile
0:49:26Rep. Gohmert’s same-sex couples on island study; Kevin Swanson: “I’m pointing out the problem!”, “don’t you dare carve happy faces on open pussey sores”
0:56:43Producer Segment
1:10:55Yale social justice warrior explains Halloween “culturally appropriative” message, “creating space for violence to happen on campus”, residence hall “masters”; Missouri’s Melissa Click: “I need some muscle over here!” edited out by CBS; reporting “hateful and hurtful speech” to police; unsubstantiated poop swastika; 1839 slave sale, land grant, white underrepresentation, “white privilege” demand, Missouri racism, football game cancellation; Ben Carson on “raw emotion” manipulation; ACC therapy: white privilege shaming (ACCPPotD)
1:38:20Nonconfrontational millennials, American Airlines Twitter fuel leak photo
1:41:36Metrojet 9268 ADSB data slow descent and nonexistent wreckage; Michael McCaul’s “high degree of confidence” it was ISIS bomb; United 93 similarity, Rumsfeld “shot down the plane”, Bill Clinton on StarTalk: “the Pentagon’s bombed”
1:53:18JCD 3x3 refugee report: 1M “milestone”, seven dead children in Greece, piles of life preservers; Athens producer on €500 notes at kiosks, Finnish producer on Norway passage; Merkel invokes Dublin III Regulation, Zuckerberg to help with policing xenophobia; Valletta Summit in Malta; pepper spray flying off the shelves in Germany; With Open Gates video; German BND accused of illegally spying on diplomat, trigger words meme, Tumblr preferences to avoid pages with trigger warnings; flak for Target over OCD ugly Christmas sweater
2:12:31Donation Segment
2:25:09Hot pyramid stones in Egypt: “that means something!”
2:26:25Second Half of Show: Vandenburg runway closures and Trident II D5NK.6 Mod 1 LE launch
2:31:151.8M year old humanoid settlement in Georgia, elephants at Boston latitude; Bill Nye on carbon taxes: “right on!”, “we have a fee, we cannot ever use the word tax” to fund “people who can weld”, JCD on welding meme, ACC helmetless welding story; NPR “deforestation linked to climate change” story on carbon offsets, “fifty-two million trees … for one coal plant”; divestment vogue, reducing one’s own energy consumption as denial
2:48:51JCD: Good Girls Revolt “the worst”; World Vasectomy Day “all juice & no seeds” video (CotD)
2:59:15Media picking up on Warren Buffett and Keystone XL; Obama & Kerry gloating
3:03:14Portugese regime change, Catalonian secession vote; British MPs eating bugs