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772 Grim Math (2015-11-08)

Show 772 album art
0:00:00ACC: “I have the Fire TV Stick.” (2:57:30)
0:00:33ACC’s “drop the mike” effect; trigger warnings in educational materials; Republicans: freedom & liberty, Democrats: justice & equality
0:06:53Obama shoots down Keystone XL for Buffet & Gates rail, Obama blames Kerry, pipeline “would not serve the national interests of the United States”, jobs report timing
0:12:57Global warming “bad for our sex lives”, Africa and population; Bill Nye’s Global Meltdown on National Geographic pushing cap and trade; Washington Post on UN report’s “grim math”, “emissions gap”; fourteen recent weather events made worse by climate change; Joy Reid in 2014 on “big difference between climate and weather”; Brzezinski’s book explains Bill Nye’s influence; Bill Gates: climate salvation through socialism
0:33:47Republican debate overnights; equal time rule vs Fairness Doctrine; Ben Carson “firestorm” over West Point scholarship claim, Trump-Carson poll drama, Chuck Todd: “Ben Carson was supposed to be different”, “personal theory” on pyramids at 1998 commencement speech; Michele Bachmann on Israel and end times; equal time rule and paid programming
0:57:00David Rivkin insists to former prisoner there was no torture at Guantánamo
1:01:55Producer Segment: Rohrabacher on European “envelopment”; rocket launch; Ōsaka ITM
1:25:58Hungry crowds at Austria-Slovenia border; new Russia-Norway bicycle route; German producer on Merkel building low-income housing with EU money; Hungary to battle quota system in courts; Victoria Nuland recently in Romania, nightclub fire and student demonstrations; Nuland to Foreign Relations Committee: Russia spending “two to four million dollars per day” in Syria, barrel bombing meme; $80bn stealth bomber contract for Northrop Grumman; Ash Carter: “make no mistake, the United States will defend our interests and our allies”
1:51:13Note from Ex-GCHQ producer: “wiping out some shitizens in a plance crash for the common good isn’t even debatable”; Theresa May on “unprecented” new snooper’s charter
1:55:25Egyptian official on Metrojet 9268 voice recorder last-second noise; social media “chatter”, “mole” theory, Obama on bomb “possibility”; Russian ships in Eastern Mediterranean; NewsHour: intelligence “clearly points to it being a bomb”
2:05:33JCD on Vandenburg rocket launches; Southern California missile test, LAX Pacific airspace restricted by secret military activities, unusual last-minute NOTAM, ACC: scalar weapon
2:10:21No Agenda Sports: Lenny Dykstra on blackmailing umpires (CotD); IAAF’s Lamine Diack under investigation for Russian doping corruption; soccer sex tape blackmail investigation
2:16:12Donation Segment: funny clip show 776.5 for Thanksgiving
2:32:00Producer “take advertising” note; Mailchimp Newsletter irony; V4V ubiquity
2:36:01NPR’s flawed media network (ACCPPotD); lost “pissed off Adam Curry” jingle
2:40:49Thom Hartmann shocked by Mexicans’ “constitutional!” right to grow weed, Peña Nieto on “commercialization”; Hillary: “we haven’t done any research”
2:45:17Euro falling toward dollar parity
2:46:59Tech News: 50% Bitcoin value surge in wake of EU currency designation, new Blockchain branding exercise; C-SPAN’s Charlie Cook on obscure pollsters: “polls have become a commodity”, No Agenda polling outfit, “Political Fact Check Podcast”; Amazon Fire TV Stick to ship with Alexa
2:59:39Lufthansa cancellations due to cabin crew strike, no updates on Lufthansa app
3:03:52Jeb Bush: “I eat nails when I wake up”, “I’m on Grindr” “I’m a grinder”